What We're Building

Exseed Space was established in 2017 with a vision to become a leader in Spacecraft Manufacturing.

We are developing small satellite platforms with a primary focus on assembly, integration, testing and operation of satellites. Our Focus areas are in

1. Contract Satellite Manufacturing
Exseed Space is working towards setting up India's first contract satellite manufacturing facility. Once operational, the facility will cater to the growing global demands of manufacturing Cubesats, Nano-sats & Micro-sats.

2. Communication Satellite Constellations.
Exseed Space believes in building and delivering communication services using small satellite constellations. We are focusing on solutions around M2M communications, Vessel tracking & RF signals monitoring from space.

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Jobs at Exseed Space

Exseed Space Team

Farhan Ashhar
Founder @Exseed Space HFSigs etc.
Krishna Chatpar
Analyst at Exseedspace