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Rent from locals Rather than hotels

We rent experiential/unique homes for work and leisure travelers in India. Read More
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What We're Building

"We are providing a travel platform for trusted micro communities to rent out their homes to other members of the trusted micro community....For example we have a startup community https://www.explorelifetraveling.com/community/startup, https://www.explorelifetraveling.com/community/startup?view=day where all members of this community are verified to be part of trusted startups, we also have a women professional community where women are renting it out to other other women only https://www.explorelifetraveling.com/community/Women%20Professionals similar we are building up employee network, harley davidson riders club etc....we have admins for each community who decide who can be part of the community....Once a member joins a community he gets access to book stays which are part of that community…."

Each property listing in the community is managed by the host including pricing, calendar. Host can accept/deny the visitor. ...Also, every listing is verified and validated by us...

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Jobs at Explore Life Traveling

Explore Life Traveling Team

Rohit Suri
Founder@ExploreLifeTraveling, PrincipalEngineer@Cisco, PrincipalEngineer@airespace. Architech@SymmetryCommunications, PrincipalEngineer@interWaveCommunications.
Arshya Lakshman
Founder, Venture Capital, Growth Hacking, Marketing, Fund Raising, Startups. Visual Communications & Masters in Business
Deepa Tudavekar
I am a Product Manager and Strategist who can ideate, envision, plan, build and deliver on product growth objectives.

Explore Life Traveling Investors

Krish Seshadri
Exec @ Facebook, Zynga, AOL & startups (Talisma) on Biz Ops, P&L, Growth, BD, Sales, Mkting, Org building across US, India, Asia, Emerging Mkts. Stanford Alum.
Ramesh Kumar Shah
Harvard Alumnus, Co-Founder, HBS Angels India, Founder, Chairman, RK Group, a $200M Retail Enterprise. Philanthropist. 35+yrs of experience in Global Commerce.
Jyoti jain
Built products for three successful startups that were acquired by large companies. Invested in @Explore Life Traveling Now handling biz dev @Enact Systems

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