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Job Description

Can you inspire a generation to embrace learning? Do you want help shake up the status quo by revolutionizing education?

At Expii, we have built a platform that is poised to disrupt the current state of education. Expii.com uses unique algorithms to create the first-ever GPS for learning. Tell it what you want to learn or what areas you would like to explore and it automatically navigates you through the world of knowledge. Our innovative product plugs directly into a common need for engaging sources of knowledge and will change the way educational content is created and exchanged worldwide.

We're seeking an experienced UX/UI designer (2+ years) to lead interaction design to envision and create intuitive products that connect with people in both an intellectual and personal way. This new team member would have the latitude to redefine design site-wide.

We are a small and highly collaborative team and are looking for a team member who is passionate about changing education, pushing boundaries, and innovation. If that sounds like you, we’d love to talk!

Work directly with Founder
Work closely with Engineers and Graphic Designer
Design unique and cutting edge interactions site-wide
Create wireframes and other low and high fidelity designs

Experience designing consumer-facing sites/apps which gained traction
Outside-the-box creativity
UX/interaction design (incl. multimedia)
Communication and leadership
User experience design
Mobile-first design
Product development
Adobe Creative Suite

Grit, positive attitude, and enthusiasm
Creativity and intellectual curiosity
Passion for global impact
Energized by collaboration
High attention to detail
Proficiency in completing projects on short notice
Ability to motivate and inspire others
Envision big picture goals and identify the steps needed to achieve them

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What We're Building

Expii is the personal learning revolution. Our free platform embraces diverse learning styles to empower you to take control of your education. Our goals at Expii center around delivering quality innovative educational resources for free to everyone in the world.

We are transforming education from something students have to do in school into something they want to do to be an informed citizen. We are taking learning from textbooks and rote memorization, making it into an interactive experience that each person are in charge of.

When students start to think creatively and enjoy learning, they begin to change society. They form a new generation of learners who believe that you in order to be successful in life. They will be a generation who has the skills they need to be creative, strong, powerful men and women who can look at situations critically. They will be informed consumers, savvy negotiators, creative problems solvers, sharp business owners, informed voters, shrewd citizens.

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MIT grad, CTO and co-founder of Ksplice.
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