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Expansion VC is a New York City VC firm founded by brothers Joseph and Ryan Melohn. Focused on early and growth stage opportunities, EVC has made 50+ investments over past few years and has been fortunate to invest in several amazing entrepreneurs and businesses including @Postmates, @RelayRides, @Life360, @AngelList, @TheRealReal and many more. As entrepreneurs, “we have been in their shoes and speak the same language” and are firm believers that "Entrepreneurs, not VC’s, build great companies!!” Our ultimate joy is when we watch a company grow from its seed round all the way to IPO or exit, it is very gratifying - more than a return may be.

However, EVC remembers its early days in the tech world and how hard it was for a newbie to invest in deals that were being financed by major funds, VC’s, and leads. As such, we are excited to have launch an AL Syndicate to allow individuals such as yourselves the opportunity to invest alongside us…Come join us!!!

Please be mindful that tech investments are risky by nature. Some deals might outperform all expectations while others may simply fail and be worth $0. We therefore highly recommend maintaining a diversified portfolio.


We will syndicate deals on a selected basis to give an opportunity for investors to get into great companies where we have an allocation.

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Josh Mohrer
Managing Partner @Tusk Ventures Former GM @Uber New York
Scott and Cyan Banister
Seed investors; Founder @IronPort @Topsy; Board Member @PayPal @Postmates
Tyler Willis
Angel Investor
Founder of @Customer Science — Investor in @Patreon, @Acre Designs, @Lyft and 40+ other startups.
Can help with
“I've been on the founding team of two startups, and run both marketing and partnerships teams. I tend to be helpful around thinking through marketing or...more
Jason Calacanis
Investor in 150 startups, including & Thumbtack (first rounds).
Jeremy Levine
Founder/CEO @DRAFT. Investor in 40+ startups.
Sundeep Ahuja
34 Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs; CoFndr @Richrelevance; helped launch @Kiva; Investor @Goodreads @Counsyl; Advisor @Indiegogo @HOOKED; BS CS Stanford
Matt D
Founder: iMega $8M EBIT 3yrs Adtech. $1M in 1mnth. @Growth Angels helping great teams grow. Online Growth Expert. Systems & Bio Hacker
Can help with
“Serial founder for past 15 yrs, 8 figure exit & Australia's first "Growth Hacker". I think a lot about all facets of startup growth and...more
Kelly Perdew
Early Advisor: Pandora, LinkedIn Investor: TrueCar, Klout, RideScout, (AMZN), Bitium (GOOG) Winner of Apprentice 2 and Father of Twins
Joe invested in my start-up and I would love the opportunity to work with him again. Working nearly 8 months together, I appreciated how approachable he was and how entrepreneurially friendly his style is. Joe's network helped us develop unique biz dev opportunities and his visionary...more
Eliran Sapir
Founder of a company Joseph Melohn invested in
Joseph's experience and social network is not to be understated. As one of our investors, Joseph is always available for a strategy session and he works tirelessly to move the needle for your company.
Andrew Josuweit
Founder of a company Joseph Melohn invested in
Ryan is a huge asset to any young venture. Whether you require tapping his network for additional sources of capital, reaching a potential partner, or finding the right advisor/contact to help grow your business, Ryan will go out of his way to help you succeed. He is one of the most straight...more
Eliran Sapir
Founder of a company Ryan T. Melohn invested in
Ryan has been a great asset as our investor. He not only provides strategic product/business model value, but is willing to go above and beyond to help you make the right connections.
Andrew Josuweit
Founder of a company Ryan T. Melohn invested in
Ryan asks all the right questions, makes you question your assumptions, and gives you advice all in one breath. Very worthwhile to meet him.
Ryan and Joe of Expansion VC are phenomenal investors. They did excellent due diligence. And when they decided to invest they went all-in. We had spent over two months raising less than half our round when they committed. After they joined, we were oversubscribed within a few weeks because of...more
Henry Ward
Founder of a company Ryan T. Melohn invested in
Knowledge of the VC world, knowledge of NYC markets. Give pertinent advices.
Ryan is a class act. He asks the right questions, provides the perfect amount of investor feedback and get deals done quickly
Plain and simple - there is no Caarbon without ExpansionVC and all that happened after our first meeting. When you're ready to tell your story and build your vision, find your way to Ryan.
Ryan is the type of person I'd genuinely enjoy spending my time with; cool, composed, and intelligent. He's got investments in startups ranging all sorts of markets, which allows him to understand your business instantly, while also recognizing the long term opportunities. He's super...more
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