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Exchange Union

Senior JS/Node.js Engineer (Blockchain Project) at Exchange Union

San Francisco · Full Time

We’re creating the first decentralized network which will enable instant and trustless trades between digital asset exchanges.

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Job Description

What we offer:
A key role in architecting & coding XUD (, the first layer 2-based decentralized exchange (DEX) to solve a real pain point of today's digital asset exchanges & traders. Work with existing customers and on a real use case.

What you'll do:
• Participate in the full development cycle of XUD
• Develop features and components for XUD, scale the architecture and codebase to support growth
• Various API (gRPC) design, development, and integrations with partnering exchanges

What we are searching for:
• Self-made hackers, Bachelors and/or Masters in computer science
• Strong experience in Node.js/TypeScript. Python, Go & Solidity and the development of Dapps is a plus (3+ years)
• "Think out of the box" mindset and experience contributing to large-scale open source projects
• Experience in building and deploying complex, but well architected applications
• We are a crypto startup, believe in open source and are searching for like-minded people to get things done in a no-nonsense manner
• We are not very familiar with 9-5 and retirement plans
• We care more about your skills and experience than your degree

Salary is negotiable.

ATTENTION: We don't accept applications/CVs without code contribution anymore. Simple reason: everyone we hired so far had to submit some code, we might as well ask this straight as step one to keep things efficient ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Code contribution means a PR on our github repo. Go to, grab an issue of your choice, let us now with a comment that you are working on it and submit a PR. Submit early and take a look at our contribution guidelines. Once your PR is open, we'll schedule a call or meeting in our SF office. Our goal is to check your hands-on coding skills, not to get work done for free: you'll get paid in crypto for your efforts once the PR is merged into master. If you want to know how much you will get, ask beforehand in the issue. Most don't carry a price tag yet.

Talk to our devs any time in the process:

Send your github repo (grant access to "kilrau" if interesting stuff is private) and CV to Kerstin: before the call.

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What We're Building

Exchange union is on a mission to connect digital asset exchanges across the globe.

We're creating an open source software on what we call the Exchange Union Daemon (XUD).
XUDs are nodes operated by digital asset exchanges connecting them to a decentralized network allowing instant, trustless, and secure trades between the exchanges. The XUD software will benefit both exchanges and traders alike, as it will become a key part of today's blockchain infrastructure. This will massively boost liquidity, increase the number of trading pairs available, and allow end users to take advantage of the best possible price.

To achieve this, we are using three cutting edge blockchain technologies:
-Payment Channels (Lightning and Raiden networks)
-Atomic Swaps
-Decentralized Order Books

We’re an international bunch, with team members from many different countries, and we’re looking for talented Devs to join us!

We're heavily involved in supporting the open-source efforts of the Lightning and Raiden networks, which is exciting to be contributing to the greater good of the ecosystem. We've also updated our branding with a whole new website to get our message out there more clearly. Get in touch with us!
We recently demoed a production version of our Atomic Swap between BTC/LTC at the #LightningHackday in Berlin. Things start falling into place - exciting times @exchange_union
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