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AI-driven content recommendation engine based on your interests

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What We're Building

Evie is building the future of content discovery. Our system monitors what's happening around the world and uses machine learning to route information relevant to your interests. Our flagship product is used by millions every day and ships as the default leftmost-homescreen experience on most Verizon Android devices. Additional carrier and OEM partnerships are in progress.

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Jobs at Evie

Evie Team

David Schwartz
Cofounder, COO @voxel-5
David Zhao
Founder @Evie, @ZumoDrive • Partner @Pioneer Fund • Investor @Dianrong.com @CRAVE, @Leapfin, @Zenflow
Russ d'Sa
Founder @Evie , Advisor @Expa, Worked at @Twitter, @23andMe , Summer 2007 @Y Combinator
Mathew Kamkar
Works at @Evie. Worked at @Fetch, @BAE Systems • Studied Computer Science and Engineering at @University of California, Irvine
Misha Soliterman
3 years experience in startups, Android/backend/devops. Berkeley CS '13, Mapsense, now Evie.
Zhiwei Chen
CS master degree in NLP, ML, big data; 7+ years industry experience in distributed system, network; 2+ year academic experience with 5 papers published
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