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EVERY will be the first decentralized Brand-Direct retailer that enables data transparency between Brands & Shoppers.

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** Thanks for your interest in SHOP. The best way to stay connected and up to date with us is through our social channels:

Twitter: twitter.com/_shoppershop
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/YefvB9c
Telegram: https://t.me/shoppersshop
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/shopco-op/

SHOP Co-Op is looking for a few people that love the fine tuning and process validation that can come from data. These candidates will shape a multitude of corporate and product decisions as SHOP Co-Op comes to market.

***This is not a machine learning, data science type role.
***This is a business and market research analyst role. This is an ideation and development of the venture type role.

Duties may include:
-Development of data infrastructure for enabling processes for lifecycle marketing, search marketing, and other initiatives.
-Creation of dashboards and reports providing insight into business data. Monitoring and optimization of existing and new campaigns through data analysis
-Designing and driving and measuring experiments,
-Work with other team members to gather requirements for analysis and reporting.
-Hands-on analysis and manipulation of data to continuously improve conversion and ROI.

-End-to-end knowledge of data warehousing and BI systems.
-Experience in database analytics, data infrastructure development, and data mining.
-Very strong Excel skills.
-Experience in online computational marketing preferred.
-Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Finance, Economics, Statistics, or Computer Science.
-Demonstrated success in ingesting, analyzing, and presenting large data-sets.
-Proven ability to perform data-driven analyses including problem statement, data discovery, and result communication.
-Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Bonus Points:
-Knowledge of a scripting language or object-oriented programming.
-Working knowledge of decentralized technologies
-Experience with complex economics.

You will help produce the platform for a Retail Blockchain that aims to dethrone the largest incumbents in the Retail space. You need to be a top-notch engineering candidate, no exceptions.

This means joining a 5 person startup which is simultaneously decentralizing all of the consumer retail experiences and building a global consortium of brands.

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What We're Building

Powered by the native EVERY Wallet & Token which gives shoppers control of their personal data, EVERY is a new retail platform that empowers shoppers to monetize their data in direct transactions with brands, trading personal insights for savings & rewards with every transaction.

For brands, this new tokenized retail ecosystem means building direct customer relationships in a marketplace setting, while shoppers see personalized savings and discounts directly from brands.

All on-platform data is shared with brands, and an integration with the EVERY Wallet on a brand’s website gives them access to all the benefits of the EVERY retail ecosystem in their own online store.

The Ethereum-based EVERY Protocol will have a simple rest API that can be easily utilized by developers to build agile new EVERY-enabled Apps, Shops, and Marketplaces to facilitate the rapid scaling and adoption of our decentralized retail ecosystem.

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Kevin Valentine
Venture Partner at Reflective Venture Partners