Jobs at EverReal

Residential rental management platform

What We're Building

EverReal is the operating system for residential rent transactions.

We offer a white-label software solution for the entire residential leasing/letting process. From finding new tenants, selecting tenants, contracting, all the way to a digital move-in protocol. With our technology we help our customers (large residential owners and property managers) reduce the effort of renting out apartments by more than 50%, which means more time for new business and increased customers/tenant satisfaction. Today, it takes between 15-30 hours in effort to rent out an apartment. Our goal is to bring this down to minutes using data, an ecosystem and AI.

Jobs at EverReal

EverReal Team

Nessim Djerboua
Founder @EverReal • Worked at @AppDirect
Liviu Ignat
CTO & Co-Founder EverReal.
Raul Tomescu
Senior Fullstack Developer @ EverReal

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