Jobs at Everlance

(1) Automatic expense tracking (2) Powering the future of work

We strongly believe the way we work is changing and that there's a historic opportunity to create the support layer for the future of work, starting with expense tracking.

What We're Building

Everlance is an automatic mileage and expense tracker. The app uses GPS for mileage and bank/credit card integration for expenses. There is a historic opportunity to create the support layer for the future of work and we think organizing business data through expense tracking is the right place to start. Expense tracking is a very rich source of data and allows us unique insights into our users.

Everlance has a big impact in people's lives, helping self-employed professionals track over $15K in business deductions every year.

Everlance has been featured by both Apple and Google and has over 100,000 active users.

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Jobs at Everlance

Everlance Team

Alex ,
Cofounder @ Everlance • Worked at @Pinterest, @Goldman Sachs • Studied at @Stanford Graduate School of Business
Gabriel Garza
Co-founder @Everlance, Studied @Stanford Graduate School of Business, Co-founder @Sidengo acquired by @OwnLocal
Jacob Ilin
Founding team @Everlance. Senior software engineer. Made 50+ mobile apps, used by millions of people around the world.
Ashkan Motamedi
Growth & Business Ops @Everlance | Ops Manager @Purse | Founder, CEO @10Floors | M&A Lead @RyanGroup International
Kenny Tao
Rising Junior at Harvard College. Current 3.62 GPA, a member of the Harvard Men's Tennis team, worked as a private coach.
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Everlance Investors

Wretch Chien
VC at AME Cloud Ventures, Jerry Yang's investment arm. Previously founded wretch.cc and sold to Yahoo!

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