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We strongly believe the way we work is changing and that there's a historic opportunity to create the support layer of the future for freelancers. Read More
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If you shoot me an email I'd be more than happy to share some additional background on us! In the meantime please check out Everlance on the AppStore here:


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Alex ,
Founder Everlance • Worked at @Pinterest, @Goldman Sachs • Studied at @Stanford Graduate School of Business
Gabriel Garza
Studied @Stanford Graduate School of Business Class of 2015, Co-founded @Sidengo acquired by @OwnLocal, Worked at @Deloitte & Touche
Jacob Ilin
Founding team @Everlance. Co-founder @Dil Mil. Senior software engineer. Made 50+ mobile apps, used by millions of people around the world.
Ashkan Motamedi
Growth & Business Ops @Everlance | Ops Manager @Purse | Founder, CEO @10Floors | M&A Lead @RyanGroup International

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