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Eventador.io is a fully managed, enterprise-grade Stream Processing as a Service platform—built on Apache Kafka and Apache Flink—based in Austin, TX. Whether customers are just getting started with Apache Kafka or they have built their business on streaming data, Eventador unlocks the ability to quickly and easily deploy streaming data-driven applications by handling the complexity of the underlying infrastructure with high-quality software and amazing support.

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Job Description

Eventador.io delivers a fully managed stream processing stack built on Apache Kafka and Flink. We’re looking for a solutions engineer to be the interface between potential and current customers of our stack and the sales and engineering teams. In this role you will be performing demos of our flagship product, building examples, creating content, and answering customer questions during the sales cycle. Additionally, this role will be public facing to include conferences and meetups, presenting online training courses and other videos, and engaging online with our customer communities (developer and devops) via social media and through the creation of technical and educational content.

We need someone passionate about streaming data and analytics and with a strong analytical mind that understands technology, can create and build demos and prototypes, likes working directly with customers, writes and speaks well, and enjoys researching/finding answers.

* Technical background with the ability to get hands-on with the products
* Customer-facing skills – ability to represent the company with customers and prospects
* Demonstrated experience in developing technical content
* Capable of hands-on technical work, including programming in Java, Scala, Python or similar languages.
* Familiarity with current data technologies like Spark, Kafka, Flink, Hadoop, NoSQL and popular RDBMS.
* Strong communication skills: writing, verbal, presentations
* Strong organizational skills and experience with working in teams
* Ability to manage programs and projects at once

* Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
* Ability to program in at least one language
* 7+ years of vendor or IT experience
* Willing to travel as required

Equity is negotiable.

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What We're Building

If you need real-time data for your application, then you need some sort of streaming data infrastructure behind it. Eventador.io platform is a fully managed end-to-end solution.

"Eventador.io made the entire process painless. They have been a true partner, starting with the initial evaluation and continuing through our production implementation. Their expertise with Kafka allows us to stay solely focused on building and shipping features while they manage our Kafka infrastructure." - MATT MONTIGEL, DIRECTOR OF BACKEND ENGINEERING, BLEACHER REPORT/TIME WARNER
Eventador Fully Managed Apache Kafka | Deployed in AWS regions worldwide, Eventador delivers the support and expertise you need to focus less on optimizing and troubleshooting your clusters and more on developing the line of business applications that req
Eventador Enterprise Streaming Platform | The first fully managed platform to democratize data across the enterprise in a secure, unified and self-service manner.
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Eventador.io Team

Kenny Gorman
I am a Founder and CEO at Eventador.io in Austin TX. We build the streaming data platform so you can focus on your applications.
Julie O'Connor
I am an analytical, hands-on and strategic start-up CFO/COO. I've worked with big data, corporate partners, SaaS, mobile, enterprise customers and consumers.
Leslie Denson
I've spent 10+ years crafting the stories, content, and marketing programs needed to help businesses (from start-ups to enterprises) succeed.

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What makes Eventador.io a unique place to work at?
We are a fast paced, and small company. We ship code constantly, we make decisions fast and we continually innovate and iterate.
Kenny Gorman
Founder at Eventador.io
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
Kenny Gorman
Founder at Eventador.io

Eventador.io Investors

Akash Garg
Director of Engineering @Uber ; Sr Eng Director of Growth & International @ @Twitter; CTO at @Bebo; Co-Founder/CTO of @Hi5