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UI/Design Associate at Eventable

New York City · Internship
Wait, Calendars as a Marketing Channel?! Read More
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Job Description

We're looking for a UI/design intern to help make our client-facing products simpler to use and easier on the eyes. You'll work on a diverse set of projects, from creating brand assets to mocking up designs for our websites. If interested send a portfolio and a resume to alongside your best (or worst) joke about calendars.

Eventable is a marketing automation platform built for the calendar. We drive customer engagement and retention for our clients by tapping into the calendar as a marketing channel. We are a venture-backed startup that works with a broad range of clients -- from growing e-commerce sites to Fortune 500 companies. We've been featured at ad:tech New York, the Intel Global Challenge, and more.

-Proficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop, or other design software
-Ability to rapidly iterate on designs based on feedback from a wide range of stakeholders (e.g. clients, salespeople, engineers)
-Strong written and verbal communication skills
-Willingness to commute to Midtown Manhattan

-Experience with and/or talent for HTML & CSS
-Experience with prototyping/wireframing software like Sketch or Balsamiq
-Familiarity with responsive web design principles

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What We're Building

Eventable is tapping into the calendar as a marketing channel. We do two things:
1. Help thousands of businesses drive engagement and customer retention
2. Enable people to stay updated on the things they care about, while respecting their time

Eventable is a venture-backed startup and works with a broad range of clients, from rapidly growing e-commerce sites to Fortune 500 brands. We’ve been featured by Forbes, Forrester, TechCrunch, AlleyWatch, Masterclassing, The Advertising Club of NY, The Direct Marketing Association, ad:tech, and more. Learn more:

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Eventable Team

Sameen Karim
Co-Founder and CEO of @Eventable. Previously Socialplex, feedCal, NES Financial. @University Of California, Berkeley Computer Science.
Akash Malhotra
Co-Founder and President/COO @Eventable • Worked at @Wells Fargo, @Merrill Lynch • Economics at @University of California Berkeley
Zachary Elias
Chief Technology Officer @T3 Studios . Former Product Lead @Eventable . Dartmouth graduate, former management consultant, and lover of public speaking.
Michelle Spagnoli
Head of Marketing at Eventable
Nicolas Valcarcel
Python Developer, Entrepreneur. Engineer @Eventable. Worked at @Canonical Ltd (Makers of Ubuntu), @Ampush Media,
Will Percival
Backend Engineer at Eventable
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Eventable Investors

David Lambert
Managing Director / Founder, Right Side Capital Management (RSCM)
Russ Holdstein
Founding investor: StubHub, Zillow (Trulia), HotelTonight,, Canary, Wheelhouse. Founder/CEO of Payday, CFO of Rolling Stone mag. Lecturer, UC Berkeley
Murat Aktihanoglu
Founder and Managing Director at @Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Author of "Location Aware Applications", Serial Technology Entrepreneur
David Hehman
Lifetime entrepreneur and angel investor.
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