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I've made pretty decent investments in SaaS both as a VC, an angel, and an advisor, and as a founder have generated pretty good returns for my investors. See, e.g., Talkdesk (first VC), Algolia (led post-YC seed), (sourced deal for Social+), Guidespark (Storm Ventures), RainforestQA (co-led first VC investment), Logikcull (first VC), etc.

I care and I try hard.

I will try to syndicate every deal I can but it's not all up to me.
Jason M. Lemkin
Managing Director at $70m SaaStr Fund. Co-Founder/ CEO of EchoSign. VP, Web Biz Svcs at Adobe. SaaS enthusiast behind Also built nanobatteries.
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One of the best investor/entrepreneur I know. Amazing clarity of thought & a focus on long term strategy.
Jason is a super-talented entrepreneur and leader. I worked with him over four years, helping him with online marketing at EchoSign. I was constantly impressed by his ability to understand both the details and the big picture of our marketing strategy, even though he was not involved in the...more
I would recommend Jason as an advisor or active investor for any B2B SaaS company. There are few people on the planet who know as much about how to build a great SaaS company as Jason Lemkin.
Jason is highly knowledgeable, brutally honest, and has a wealth of experience all of which makes him highly valuable as an advisor/investor amongst other things
Jason's a SaaS rockstar. I don't think I've met a b2b CEO in the last six months who hasn't consulted with Jason and walked away with valuable insights.
Jason is a smart, sophisticated enterprise SaaS executive. He is a great sounding board for advice and leverages his experience wisely. This combination makes Jason a great mentor and he would be an asset for any company to leverage as an advisor or investor.
When it comes to SaaS, Jason is the man. We've learned a lot from him, both in-person and from his blog. If you're running a SaaS business and can get Jason involved in any way, I'd highly recommend it.
Jason is one of the most brilliant people I've ever known. Joining EchoSign in its infancy, I had the enviable opportunity to be mentored by the master himself (eat your heart out SaaStr fanboys!). Now as a founder myself, the value of what I learned from Jason in those first two years would...more
I have known Jason for more years than I can recall and what always impressed me was his entrepreneurial spirit backed by sound business driven intuition. He is a builder, pure and simple, and what he did with Echosign in a tough environment at the beginning of the cloud business cycle is nothing...more
Best person to work with. Great advice, very objective and entrepreneur friendly.
fast response, and quick to strong advice. strong connection. not only the current problems, always on top of what we need to do in the future.
I worked with Jason when he was at Echosign and Adobe. He is one of the smartest and most relentless startup CEOs I have ever met. You don't have to always agree with Jason, but there is something I could take from any conversation I had with him.
Jason KNOWS how to scale a company cost-effectively. He introed me to my Head of Sales and helped me avoid hiring the wrong exes. I consider him my most trusted advisor on the subject of sales & marketing. Among all, he's a great operator to seek advice from; no BS and gives meaningful...more
I've known Jason professionally since he started EchoSign. We collaborated a few times on EchoSign UX concepts starting from when EchoSign was just getting started to just before it was acquired by Adobe. He's super sharp and has the highest integrity. I'm glad to both know and be...more
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