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What We're Building

erxes Inc is an open source growth marketing platform. Marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed to help your business attract more engaged customers. Replace Hubspot and Intercom with the mission and community-driven ecosystem.

One of the ways we make customer engagement a lot easier is with unlimited customer service integrations such as social media platforms, messenger, email, SMS for multiple brands. This way, it’s a lot easier to respond quickly to any channels and solve problems on the go.

With price offerings based only on contact capacity, you can still have all the unlimited features without paying a fortune for each feature.

Save time with data entries, advanced insights and customer engagement with our erxes automation.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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erxes Team

Mend-Orshikh /MJ/
Social Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of @erxes, @teamOn and @The New Media Group.
Ganzorig Bayarsaikhan
Front-end engineer at @erxes , an open-source messaging platform for customer success.
Munkhbold Dembel
Have been working as a backend developer in The new media group for 8 years.