Jobs at EruditeAI

Unlock human talent with AI, amplifying on-the-job knowledge and skills.

A chance to be involved on a game changing project right from the start.
Educational technologies provides not only potentially high growth and profits, but also fulfill any philanthropic aspiration you may have.

What We're Building

EruditeAI will build AI systems that amplify human knowledge networks and deliver exponential gains in digital collaborations.

For employees, EruditeAI democratizes job-retraining, makes professional development relevant, and links human learning exchanges to career paths.
For enterprises, we make talent recruitment smarter, just-in-time employee training cheaper, and networks of knowledge capacity heightened and retained even after employee attrition. This will fuel macro-economic growth.

Jobs at EruditeAI

EruditeAI Team

Patrick Poirier
Artificial Intelligence, DeepLearning, and neuroscientist.
 Clemente Cuevas
Specialist in engineering and understanding systems that enrich data through machine learning, statistics and data interactions
Elle Chavez-Jerez
An electric, imaginative and brainy individual with a background in epidemiology, statistics & data science.

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