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We deliver free private tutoring powered by peer-to-peer learning and AI augmentation.

An opportunity to help develop breakthrough AI technologies that impact students and academic institutions.

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What We're Building

The ERI platform is a high-scalability platform to facilitate AI augmented peer-to-peer tutoring sessions between students across schools, classes, and geographical regions. It combines a distributed architecture with AI retrieval and generation technology to augment the performance of students in the tutoring role, empowering them to perform closer to the level of professional tutoring while using leveraging the peer-to-peer nature of user interactions to keep costs down.

ERI users post homework problems they are struggling with, and ERI analyzes the content of the problem using machine learning to find the most appropriate peer students to assist with the problem. After being paired, an AI augments the performance of the tutor by providing them scaffolded responses and acting as a coach and mentor to the students during the chat session.

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EruditeAI Team

Patrick Poirier
Artificial Intelligence, DeepLearning, and neuroscientist.
 Clemente Cuevas
Specialist in engineering and understanding systems that enrich data through machine learning, statistics and data interactions
Laura Fort
Product and project manager - passionate about EdTech Working in agile and liberated management
Babak Khosravifar
Founder Mentorina Research and Development Inc., Mentorina Research and Development Inc. • Worked at @McGill University • Studied at @Concordia University
Georges Bélanger
Mathematician working in Deep Learning
Hannah Cowen
Technical writer, branding and product marketing, social media manager, HR coordinator, office administrator and awesome company culture evangelist

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