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3D mapping and tracking

Join the team working on some of the hardest and most significant problems in computer vision. At Eonite Perception, we’ve developed an extraordinarily accurate 3D SLAM and applied it to perform inside-out positional tracking for HMDs, drones and autonomous robots. Inside-out positional tracking is a technology in high-demand that enables VR/AR/MR to reach their mass market potential. Be part of the team that pushes into unexplored territories, and opens up exciting new possibilities for computing. Read More
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What We're Building

We built a 3D mapping and ego-tracking system using commodity dense depth sensors with 3 key capabilities that enable it to operate in the real world:
sub-millimeter accuracy, low latency, and robust global localization.

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Eonite Perception Team

Youssri Helmy
Founder, CEO @Eonite Perception. Entrepreneur. Investor.
Peter Varvak
Peter is a visionary technologist with the talent and passion for designing solutions in Artificial Perception, Computer Vision, and Robotics.
Anna Petrovskaya
A scientist and entrepreneur with decades of experience in the high tech industry. She received her Doctorate degree in Computer Science from Stanford in 2011.
Marta Kiszkis
2 years as EA/OM in a hectic software startup.
Hideaki Oshima
Technical Product Manager
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Eonite Perception Investors

Amitt Mahajan
Co-founder/CTO, @Rare Bits; Managing Partner, @Presence Capital: AR & VR venture fund; Co-creator, FarmVille; Investor in @Clover Health,, + many others
Greg Castle
Managing Partner @ Anorak Ventures, a Silicon Valley seed-stage venture capital firm focused on frontier technology.

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