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Full-Stack Developer at Enwoven

Oakland · Full Time
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Job Description

Task definition and estimation (Lean/Agile/Poker)
Implementation of both front and back end web tasks (Laravel, Go, Lambda, React)
Unit Testing (phpunit and jest)
Deployment Support
Instrumentation (amplitude)

User centered design experience a big plus
Enterprise software experience preferred

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What We're Building

Enwoven empowers organizations to make their knowledge more engaging by combining multimedia assets and adding context in the form of visual frameworks. Companies create valuable ideas, thoughts and insights that get lost everyday.

We work with brands like the NY Times, Coca-Cola, Reebok, Campbell's, Avis, and Procter & Gamble to help them document brand history, marketing campaigns, innovation, important initiatives, company culture and much more.

“Without Enwoven, our teams would be spending days on end retrieving historical knowledge. Now, we’re able to point people to one place.”

Daryk Pengelly, Global Brand Strategy Lead - Reebok

Example burn-up chart of our process
Roadmap process
Planning Poker
DLS development
Life goals - automated test coverage > 90% (halfway there)
Design pipeline Sketch -> Zeplin -> Invision
Our average session and retention metrics breakdown
“Without The History Project, our teams would be spending days on end retrieving historical knowledge. Now, we’re able to point people to one place.” Daryk Pengelly Global Brand Strategy Lead - Reebok
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Enwoven Team

Niles Lichtenstein
Founder at Enwoven • Grew and led business divisions @Interpublic Group, @Velti  Worked @Monitor Group • Studied at @Harvard University
Michael Devin
CTO @Enwoven Class XV @Alchemist Accelerator • Ex-Founder @Eyethereal • Worked at @Frog Design, @Motorola
Cecilia H Aiello
Customer Success. Trained in Scrum & clinical social work; joy in activating adoption, deepening engagement, and ensuring the happiness of customers. Scrappy.
Ana Mason
Product Designer with a strong visual design background. I love tools that help people document and tell their stories.
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Enwoven Investors

Dave Balter
Partner, @FlipsideCrypto CEO, @Mylestone, Venture Partner @Boston Seed Capital - Head of Transactions @Pluralsight; @Smarterer CEO @BzzAgent CEO & @dunnhumby
Ash Rust
Managing Partner, @Sterling Road. Partner @Alchemist Accelerator . Past @Trinity Ventures, Cofounder @SendHub (acq. Cameo Global).
Matthew Siegel
Chief Digital Officer @RocNation • Founder @Indaba Music
Andrew Riesenfeld
Builder @DocuSign | Advisor & Investor to @DataGrail @Rekener @Rocket ( | Addicted to trail running + coffee
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