Sr Software Engineer - Core Product at Enview

San Francisco · Full Time

At Enview you’ll have the opportunity to play a foundational role at a well-funded revenue generating startup. You'll work with people like yourself---talented and thoughtful; passionate about solving meaningful challenges. Sound interesting to you? Then come help us build and deploy analytics that map the world in 3D!

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Job Description

Mission of Role:

Use your software development expertise to build and scale tools that result in real-world actions that protect people and the planet.

About Enview:

We protect people and the planet by transforming nation-scale 3D geospatial data into insights and actions. We envision a future where infrastructure failures and their devastating consequences—spills, ruptures, blackouts, wildfires, floods—have been eliminated. We identify and prevent these threats by revealing what previously could not be seen through the artful fusion of human and machine intelligence.

About You:

You have a passion for using your talents to make a tangible difference in transforming how society understands and responds to an increasingly changing world. You are excited by playing a foundational role on a high-performance team with people who understand the importance of an empathetic workplace that respects work-life balance.

You Will:

- Build scalable infrastructure that enables Enview’s 3D computer vision platform to grow in capacity
- Write internal tools for system monitoring and automatic error correction
- Establish core capabilities for the processing pipeline that can be used for all new products
- Drive automation by improving programmatic database interaction within the core
- Increase efficiency of Python production system in both speed and resource utilization
- Manage high-volume data flow between system components to lower latency
- Tighten integration between 3D algorithms in C++ and the core Python production system
- Improve repository organization and create packages for deployment in internal tools and productions systems

Strong Candidates Will Have:

- MS or BS in computer science, engineering, or related field
- 3+ years of experience building infrastructure
- Mastery of Python
- Mastery of object-oriented software design
- Experience with C++ (preferred) or Java
- Background in or experience with SQL and noSQL databases, ORMs, testing frameworks, and package management
- Prior experience with scientific computing a plus


- Work with people like yourself – talented, thoughtful, and passionate.
- Unlimited vacation policy (we’re serious – do great work, have fun and live life).
- Medical/vision/dental + 401k

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What We're Building

Enview maps the world in 3D with geospatial big data analytics. We quantify human activity, the natural environment, and infrastructure health. Clients use insights we generate to prevent damage to power lines and pipelines, as well as to perform large-area, high-frequency urban mapping. Our tech fuses and analyzes multiple data sources, including airborne LiDAR, aerial & satellite imagery, and GIS.

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