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Jobs at Enveritas

A new model for verifying sustainability

Enveritas is a nonprofit that offers a new approach to sustainability assurance. We believe all coffee farmers should have the opportunity to participate in a sustainable coffee industry.

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What We're Building

Enveritas is building a new approach to sustainability assurance that can be scaled for all the world's coffee farms across 30+ producing countries.

Jobs at Enveritas

Enveritas Team

Carl Cervone
Cofounder at Enveritas. Previously developed coffee programs in Africa and Latin America and worked on the Strategic Initiatives team at TechnoServe.
David Browning
Co-founded Enveritas, worked with TechnoServe and McKinsey & Company. Yale MBA.
Hari Khalsa
Currently in Uganda doing field ops @Enveritas. Designed impact metrics @Bellwether Coffee. UC Berkeley graduate. Coffee cognoscente.
Ilya Altshteyn
Data scientist, working with amazing data to help verify sustainability in the coffee industry. Formerly NSF graduate research fellow at UCLA.
Alexander Vidor
Generalist software engineer, with focus in scientific computing. Full-stack web development, data science, and mathematics. Brown University, 2011 (BA).
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