Jobs at Enter

Enter gets doctors paid faster than anyone on Earth.

SOLVE A MASSIVE PROBLEM: Enter gets doctors paid faster than anyone on Earth. Enter is able to pay insurance claims and bill patients in just 24 hours while automatically reconciling discrepancies and centralizing patient disputes and claim denials. Enter is building the Stripe of medical billing. Read More

What We're Building

Enter is a venture-backed, financial technology company based in San Francisco that gets doctors paid faster than anyone on Earth.

The Enter Platform makes the miserable process of medical billing efficient, fast and easy. Enter gets insurance claims submitted and paid in 24 hours while automatically collecting patient out of pocket costs, reconciling discrepancies and centralizing disputes and denials. Compared to existing medical billers today, Enter is:

- 30X faster at getting claims paid. No more waiting 30 - 120 days for claims to get reimbursed.
- 45X faster at getting patients billed. Patients no longer get a letter in the mail 45 - 120 days after service.

Jobs at Enter

Enter Team

Jordan Kelley
CEO @Enter - Getting doctors paid faster than anyone on Earth. Co-Founder/CEO of Robocoin. BS @Babson College Founder @Hero Co-Founder jobbi.com (2010)
John Russell
Founder @Enter • Worked at @Cloudsnap, @Hamilton Robotics • MS Computer Science & Engineering
Chris Yoder
Lead engineer @Target; Prev @Enter ; Prev CTO/Co-founder at @Cloudsnap; Prev @Intuit (@Intuit Payroll), @Truviso, @BuildLinks
Darin Rogers
Software Engineer, mainly server side with some browser side skills. Looking for an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial team to work with.
Brian M. Swann, Esq.
Currently at Enter, Inc. Previously @Athenahealth, @The Advisory Board Company. University at Buffalo Law School (JD) and University at Buffalo (BA).
Justin Cheng
A UI/UX Designer with 6+ years of web and mobile experience. Currently @Enter

Enter Investors

Greg Kidd
Founder @Hard Yaka @globaliD @Shift Payments @3taps.com, @Message.me. First Round Investor @Twitter, Senior Analyst Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
Tristan Pollock
EIR & Venture Partner at @500 Startups * Founded @Storefront (raised $10M, acq by OuiOpen) & @SocialEarth (acq by 3BL Media) * Forbes 30 Under 30 * TEDx speaker
Justin Howell
Co-Founder & CEO at @Rize. Making personal finance simple for everyone. DC. Previously @BainCapital @PerryCapital. Love all things outdoors.
Matthew Roszak
Co-Founder, Bloq | Founding Partner, Tally Capital | Bitcoin/Blockchain | Investor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Brandon Lee
Executive, Angel Investor, Advisor, and Mentor

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