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Enplug is one of the hottest start-ups in Los Angeles. We've been named Inc. Magazine's Top 7 Most Innovative Los Angeles Startups and Forbes 30 Under 30. Read More
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What We're Building

Enplug is the first large-scale open platform for digital displays. Enplug’s software, DisplayOS, turns any TV or HD display into an interactive tool. The Enplug App Market lets you choose to show a variety of content on your display ranging from live social media feeds, product videos, news feeds, weather, and more. Viewers can instantly post Tweets, Instagram photos, and more onto the display by #hashtagging the store's name. On average, Enplug increases customers' social media interactions with a store by 500% within the first month, turning the store's customers into brand ambassadors.

Thousands of companies around the world use Enplug inside their businesses. Look for Enplug at Marriott hotels, Alaskan Brewing Co., SupperClub restaurants, Dodger Stadium, and Los Angeles International Airport.

Team trip! Rock climbing!
Yoga at the office led by our web designer
Enplug's epic ping pong battles in the office
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Jobs at Enplug

Enplug Team

David Zhu
Co-Founder of @Enplug.com. Former professional poker player
Nanxi Liu
CEO and Co-Founder of @Enplug. Founded @Nanoly, named @Intel Top Social Innovation. Forbes 30 Under 30. @University Of California, Berkeley alum.
Navdeep Reddy
Technical Co-founder @ @Enplug next gen digital signage network. Advisor @ Drink Pass. Architected ZotacUSA's internal & consumer facing web strategy.
Robert Buchanan Alves
I am currently employed at Enplug to demonstrated software used for large displays and explained its unique features to clients
Jhonie Martinez
University of California, Berkeley alumna. Interested in UI/UX. Fluent in JS, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, SASS. Used to Bootstrap, git, GitHub, Bower, NPM, Grunt...
Justyna Wojcik
Co-founder & CEO at @Contur Worked at @Microsoft on SQL Server and SQL Azure, at @Motorola and on Forex trading platform.
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What is your office environment like?
I may have gone overboard in my last answer (see "What makes Enplug a unique place to work at?"). In our office you'll see a lot of people, a lot of screens (both for testing and for our own purposes), and a lot of dogs. Nerf wars tend to break out before and after our busiest times, and you'll see a lot of ping pong on any given day. The office is very open, and you hear good music coming from either the main speakers or from Adib's desk (he tends to play classical and epic songs). Some days we take yoga breaks, and some nights we host movie nights. We're big fans of COD and Betrayal at House on the Hill, and play them here at night. Mostly, though, we're working on our platform and trying to make it as great as we possibly can.
Brenna Harwell
Director of Talent & Culture at Enplug since 2013
What makes Enplug a unique place to work at?
I could say that we have dogs in our office, do yoga, have happy hours, etc. But that's not going to tell you about who we are. I could tell you the story of our founders and how they met through extreme serendipity (on a flight and through Craigslist!), but that won't explain what it's like to be part of our team. I could tell you about each and every member of our team and why they're awesome, but you could just read about them on our blog (https://enplug.com/blog/). Instead, I'll tell you a bit about us now. We have a team of 30 extremely talented and all-around awesome individuals that work either out of our Culver City office or from their homes North of The Wall (NorCal) or in Arizona. We started growing out of a one-bedroom in Koreatown, and although we now have an office, about a third of the team still lives together in a house in Bel Air. The team is really tight-knit, and we're constantly growing. Collectively we have over 30 tattoos, 10 dogs, 5 cats, and about 20 nerf guns (with increasing range, depending on whom you ask). All of them are welcome in the office - except for the cats because Jhonie’s allergic. We also have 3 very talented cooks in our midst, 27 talented eaters, 1 talented yogi, a sailor (a good man!), and a (ridiculously) high amount of movie references. We have an ongoing fitness challenge - 100 pushups each day. I personally don't get that far, but you get to try again each day with your fellow teammates, if you so choose. We’re fans of LAN parties and Board Game Nights. We also play volleyball on the weekends, have yoga sessions (lead by our web developer), and viewing parties for movies ranging from Salt of the Earth to Batman: The Movie. Our tastes vary, but we’re all here for one reason: to build a beautiful and easy-to-use platform to help businesses. Our team works however they work best, and you’ll see people at our office or on Slack late into the night or early in the morning. You’ll find people from every end of our company sharing ideas and projects outside of their job descriptions or comfort zones. In Support and want to build an app? Go for it! In Engineering but have an idea for Sales? Share it! We’re very feedback-friendly, and rely on the whole team for it. TL;DR: If you have an idea, put it into action here. We’re dog/nerf/fitness people, foodies, and gamers who work tirelessly to make things we think are exciting and useful.
Brenna Harwell
Director of Talent & Culture at Enplug since 2013

Enplug Investors

Howard Marks
co-founder Activision ATVI $14B cap, founder @Acclaim Games (sold to @Playdom). Founder and managing partner @startenginela LA's largest accelerator.
Teague Egan
Managing Partner @ Innovation Factory Founder of The Kindness Project Founder & CEO @ 1st Round Enterprises USC Alumni
Rasoul Oskouy - Family Office
Founding member at Juniper Networks, Co-founder Parascale, Cloud storage/computing sold to HDS. More than 32 international recognized patents. Family Office managing Director investing in startups, Real estate, and other financial instruments.
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