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Personalized continuous learning for tech skills

We're a founding team with an exceptional track record, and we're working on something almost irrationally ambitious: attempting to organize the world's technical knowledge. Read More
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What We're Building

Enki is building software which dramatically reduces the barriers to learning and applying technical knowledge. We are building a platform to enable personalized continuous learning.

We are disrupting the 600 billion dollars spent improving employees, starting with a bottom-up, bite-sized approach focused on technology knowledge.

Enki's first product is a mobile app to help professional developers improve their coding skills. The closest analog is Duolingo for coders.

We work with world-leading experts who craft a curriculum which can be taught in a bite-sized, engaging way on a mobile device. We create examples and challenges, and deliver them to users as part of a daily workout, which is personalized and fun to interact with.

Our engagement so far is market-leading for an enterprise product and our users love the app. Here is a sample of this:

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Enki Team

Kirill Makharinsky
Founder and CEO of Enki. Previously Co-founder Ostrovok & Quid (both $30m net rev/year & growing), PM at Slide ($182M exit), Maths at Oxford.
Bruno Marnette
CEO at Prodo.AI. Previously CTO at Enki. Previously FDE at Palantir. Oxford PhD.
Liz Howard
Engineer/leader for 16 years, Founder @Hackbright Academy, leader for Galvanize's web development program, now I run @Enki engineering and content as CTO.
Jonathan Harlem
Education | Health | Product | Design
Stefano Bourscheid
Dev @Enki. Bsc in CS and Machine Learning grad at @Udacity

Enki Investors

Roger Dickey
Founder @ Gigster (we're hiring!), Founder @ Mafia Wars, angel investor
Michael Staton
Partner at Learn Capital. Co-Founder of Uversity. Co-conspirator of Dev Bootcamp, YearOn.
Leila Rastegar Zegna
Entrepreneur and investor. Founding partner of Kindred, an early stage venture capital fund based in London that practices equitable venture.
Suranga Chandratillake
Founded blinkx, CEO for 7 years: grew it to profitability, 300+ people, $150M rev and took it public. Prev CTO of Autonomy (sold to HP) and a Cambridge CompSci.
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