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An AI powered HR bot for employees to appreciate hard work & share real-time feedback.

We are doing something really cool in the space of HR. Something which has never been tried earlier. We are on track to revolutionize the HR industry through Artificial Intelligence, Bots, & Machine Learning. We have taken the 1st step towards that by building a super cool chatbot on Slack ( We were one of the 1st few startups in the world to do that. Read More
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What We're Building

Engazify bot is a fun & easy way to appreciate your peers and share real-time feedback without ever leaving Slack. You can use some cool emoji also.

We are currently live on Slack & coming soon to other platforms like Skype, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Hipchat, & Google apps.

Regular feedback & appreciations play a vital role in keeping your team happy & motivated. We believe that giving feedback & appreciating your peers should not be a complicated task.

How it works:
Simply tag your teammate & add your favorite appreciation emoji in Slack and leave the rest up to Engazify bot. He will now automatically capture all the appreciations happening in your team. He will not only notify everyone but also keep a record of everything in a company-wide web feed.

Just say 'feedback' to the bot to anonymously share feedback with your peers.

We plan to tackle more Employee Engagement processes like feedback, surveys, & employee behavior analysis with help of machine learning & AI. Very Soon!

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Engazify Team

Siddharth Shekhawat
Entrepreneur • Founder & CEO • Skilled Product Guy • Hustler • Building @Engazify - a slack bot for continuous feedback between co-workers • HR Tech • Bots & AI
Purva Surse
CPO & Co-founder @Engazify • Worked at @Michael C. Fina Recognition • Studied at @Texas Tech University
Sharuk Inamdar
Cloud application developer, able to build web application using web technologies like; Spring MVC, Hibernate. Having good experience in MEAN stack development.
Nagesh Dhanashetti
Front End Developer with 2+ years experience, have multiple interests like programming, web development, artificial intelligence, chatbots.
Sagar Yadav
I am currently working for startup at Engazify and successfully completed Engazify android app and also i have experience of two android app development.

Engazify Investors

Vaibhav Domkundwar
Founder & CEO of Better Inc. | Entrepreneur & Seed Investor | Growth Hacker | Product Geek | Marathoner

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