Jobs at Enertiv

We make buildings easier to operate, healthier to occupy, and more profitable to own

Enertiv is a real estate technology company that uses data and analytics to make commercial real estate portfolios easier to operate, healthier to occupy, and easier to own. We have developed advanced hardware capable of collecting data from every piece of equipment throughout a building in real time. These data, along with that from IoT sensors, enables our software to notify building operators the moment their equipment requires maintenance or is wasting energy. We are working with some of the largest real estate portfolios in the world, and are well positioned to scale rapidly. Read More

What We're Building

We provide IoT-based predictive maintenance and submetering solutions for commercial real estate, with a focus on multifamily and office portfolios. Our platform reduces operating expenses, maximizes tenant comfort, and delivers full transparency into building operations across an entire portfolio.

In addition to existing data, we deploy IoT devices to continuously track every critical piece of equipment, tenant space, and indoor environmental condition to enable operators to ensure peak performance of their assets.

Enertiv AI (Asset Intelligence) continuously analyzes hundreds of pieces of equipment per building to deliver intelligent notifications around malfunctions and inefficiencies in real time.

Enertiv ATB (Automated Tenant Billing) completely automates the tenant submetering and billing process for electricity and water.

The EnertivTwo Meter is an IoT device capable of affordably turning any building into a smart building and performing on-site "edge computing" analyses.

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Jobs at Enertiv

Enertiv Team

Connell McGill
CEO and Founder of @Enertiv. @Techstars/@R/GA alum (NYC, 2014). Previously NECG. @Babson alum
Pavel Khodorkovskiy
Founder Enertiv • Studied at @Babson College
Felix Lipov
Worked at @Enertiv as the Lead Software Engineer. Studied at @New York University, @Stern School of Business.
Comly Wilson
Native Brooklynite passionate about clean tech and climate change. At my best when using data to optimize digital marketing and solving problems with technology
Derek Cedarbaum
Artificial Intelligence for Building Operations
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Enertiv Investors

Semyon Dukach
Managing Partner, One Way Ventures. Former MD, Techstars in Boston. http://onewayvc.com @onewayvc @semyondukach
Michael Smith
Investor at Tribeca Heavy Industries
Graham Gullans
Founder @LiftMetrix and @Empire Angels • Investor in ZoomCar, Orionis Biosciences, Juno, StatSocial, Socure, Human Demand, etc. Graham is an LP in 5 VC Funds.
Cameron Drummond
Founded Mastodon Capital Management, and run a hedge fund. BS & ME in engineering from Cornell; MBA from UCLA. Live in Austin, TX.
Jerry Kestenbaum
Founder & President of BuildingLink.com, SAAS platform used by 4,100 high-end residential properties and 860,000+ apartments in 38 states and 26 countries.
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