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Helping marketers manage user-generated content

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What We're Building

Endorsify is an AI-based market influence LA startup that leverages social media on a SaaS platform to help brands connect with influencers and price their ad space.

Endorsify helps marketers establish and organize relationships with content creators. We allow brands to easily search, track, manage and pay influencers for user-generated content. Endorsify features include Messaging, Content Search, Fair Market Value Pricing and our Suggested Influencers Tool. We focus on creating features using machine learning, data science, image recognition, classification and natural language processing to help marketers make informed decisions.

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Jobs at Endorsify

Endorsify Team

Wally Sajimi
Worked @Salesforce • Worked at @UBS • Worked @Morgan Stanley
Alex Fox
Relocated to New York -- Content Writer - Tech - Consulting
Cherie Xu
Stanford CS and Symbolic Systems, Behavioral Science Research at Columbia University, full stack generalist, data processing and analysis
Pursuing Master in Computer Science at University of Southern California, worked as full-stack Application Developer at Citigroup for 2 years
Akshay Gupta
Pursuing MS in Computer Science at University of Southern California.Experience of 4+ years as Software Developer. Have a flair for working in new technologies.
Ansh Hirani
Carnegie Mellon University Statistics & Machine Learning; Doing sports analytics; Created a blackjack game with ML AI players; Former development intern at RLC
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