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Help revolutionize transportation as we know it.

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Job Description

As a perception engineer, you will develop perception algorithms for object detection, classification and tracking. You will engineer algorithms to estimate the state of other agents in dynamic environments and build vision systems that are robust to changes in lighting conditions.

- Experience designing a computer vision pipeline for the real world
- Excellent C/C++ programming and software design skills
- Experience with vision sensors such as lidar, radar, cameras, etc.
- Expert in designing and building state of the art feature detectors and trackers

- Experience with embedded linux and real time systems
- Experience in ROS, OpenCV

- Help revolutionize transportation as we know it
- Work in a small team that operates at an incredibly fast pace
- Daily lunch, dinner and snacks
- Competitive salary, equity and benefits including medical, dental & vision

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What We're Building

Effective transportation is a foundation of modern life and self-driving is bringing the biggest transportation revolution since the car itself. This technology will save lives, reduce emissions, and free up billions of hours.

Technologies this powerful only come once or twice a generation, so we're tackling this one with everything we've got! Varden Labs' mission is to make the self-driving future a reality, taking self-driving out of the lab and deploying it into a real product on US streets.

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