Ephraim Luft

CEO, Founder of @Circle of Moms (acquired by @POPSUGAR Inc). Led prod dev at @Massive Inc (acquired by MSFT). @Stanford CS. Harvard MBA.

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Confirmed Investment · Invests $10,000-$25,000 per deal
What I Do

I like to help teams with market development, business development, and business model development. I also try to stay well-networked and like to connect my companies with people who can help them. Where applicable, I like to help with hiring, too.


I founded, managed and sold Circle of Moms, one of the leading social properties for mothers. Prior to the acquisition, Circle of Moms grew to 6 million registered users, 3 million monthly unique users, and 9 million Child Pages created by moms. I built out a team of 17 that included product, development, marketing and sales. We raised $2M in capital from leading investors, including Floodgate, Softtech VC, Mark Goines, Naval Ravikant and Keith Rabois.

What I'm Looking For
Mike Greenfield
Entrepreneur + a little advising/investing. Founded @circle-of-moms, @team-rankings. First data scientist at both @linkedin and @paypal.
Skye Lee
Worked at @paypal, @netflix • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university