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Eliq is a Swedish tech company specialised in the analysis and visualisation of energy data. Our aims are threefold: enable energy suppliers to engage with their customers via real-time personalised information communications; to reduce energy waste by helping households understand their consumption, and by extension, help consumers manage their energy costs. Read More
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Job Description

We're looking for product-aware Android developer that who is resourceful, a critical thinker and a passionate builder who appreciates a good user experience. Your main focus will be Android development, both sdk and application development. Experience from cross platform techniques and web development is meritorious in order to be able to provide a helping hand where it is most needed. Coming up with new ideas and figuring out new and better ways of doing things will be a big part of your everyday work.

Firstly, you are a person who wants to radically improve the way we use energy, just as the rest of us at Eliq! Secondly you love to code. We value talent and knowledge over a formal education. We expect you to be passionate about learning new stuff every day. To successfully navigate the role, we expect you to have the following:

- 2+ years of experience of in Android development and debugging skills.
- Functional knowledge of Android Style Human Interface Guidelines.
- Experience with Kotlin is a major plus.
- Strong understanding of application architecture and object-oriented design.
- Experience with iterative software development approaches including Agile using Scrum methods along with being familiar with leading and/or participating in sprints, backlog management and daily stand-ups.
- Basic knowledge of using version control, like SVN or Git.
- The knowledge to publish a mobile app to Google Play

At Eliq, we expect you to stay motivated in order to achieve results, despite set-backs or difficulties. You should have a solution-oriented approach and work well with complex issues. You should be a team-player who enjoys working with others and are have strong communication skills.

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What We're Building

Eliq provides a SaaS-based solution for monitoring and optimising electricity use, allowing energy utilities to gain a better understanding of their customers’ energy usage patterns.

The white label energy engagement App engages with utility customer by tracking their energy usage and generation based on data from electricity meters and Internet of Things (IoT) devices (e.g. sensors). The App collates meter readings, tariffs and customer billing information from the utility company, with weather and smart home data from 3rd party integrations.

In 2017 Eliq redefines the gold standard for energy monitoring products, by winning the international award for Best Energy Monitoring Solution.

Kai Chiempricha giving his keynote at Apple Champion Day earlier this week, presenting the Eliq.
Kai Chiempricha giving his keynote at Apple Champion Day earlier this week, presenting the Eliq.
Eliq at European Utility Week 2016
Kai Chiempricha giving his keynote at Apple Champion Day earlier this week, presenting the Eliq.
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Eliq Team

Håkan Ludvigson
Co-founder Eliq since 2010. Previously co-founded Acosense (industrial IoT/analytics: IPO '17), Substream (social network). M Sc. Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
Stellan Christensen
Worked for Start-up, DoorDash as a 'TDB'. Data analytics, on-boarding, intern activities. Digital Marketing/Media intern @ Navigate HCR: Healthcare compliance.
Maheen Khalid
Computer Science Graduate, Co-founded a start-up. Full-stack developer. Developed several iOS and Android Apps for various clients and employers.
Jens Genberg
I am an enthusiastic software developer interested in both backend and frontend work. I program primarily in C# and C++ but I am always exploring something new.
Francisca Oldin
Marketing at Eliq

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Håkan Ludvigson
CEO at Eliq