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Senior Visual Architect at Elevada

Berlin, Berlin · Full Time

The coolest thing happening at Elevada right now is the feedback we're getting from customers: a word cloud would include terms like "love" and "terrific" and "cake." (Long story.) In many of our demos we give subject matter experts visibility into data that they've never had before. We're solving problems some customers have had for decades, and we're passionate about building software that oozes equal parts capability and delight. Our work environment is laid-back, but focused, with a priority on only enough structure to help us be as productive as possible.

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Job Description

Elevada is a Data Automation company, and a big part of what we do is the communication of very complicated information and operations to our users, technical and not-so-technical alike. This means that all aspects of our interaction with the marketplace, from general marketing material to our products themselves, require a consistent, well-considered visual language that communicates data-operation concepts and--in a perfect world--colors those concepts with desirability and warmth.

This is definitely a challenge, but also a terrific opportunity to break new ground with an up and coming companny.

The Senior Visual Architect will be responsible for directing this effort and implementing real, working assets and products. This is very much a "hands-on" job.

- Strong and distinctive ability to communicate visually, with a demonstrated ability in fine arts desired
- Proven to sketch out ideas as they are discussed on paper, whiteboard, tablet, or similar
- Understanding and appreciation of principles of and trends in design
- Knowledge and experience translating visual design to web-based, fully-implemented software
- Strong, demonstrable, personal sense of color, design, and style.
- Understanding and experience with web design, layout, and execution. Ideal candidates will have HTML and CSS capabilities.
- Illustration creation skills, ideally including fine art/drawing
- Video editing skills would be useful, but not required
- Some spoken/written English would be good. The team operates in English.

What we offer:
- ***New office in Berlin, DE.
- Unlimited responsibility. If you can revolutionize the visual communication of data, there will be no barriers stopping you and we will provide whatever resources we can to help.
- An opportunity to deliver designs that will be presented at very high-profile conferences and major customers in the EU and US
- Elevada is an awesome place to work, with mature professionals dedicated to the task, but little ceremony or work friction.
- We are based at WeWork, which means frequent free food and universal coffee and beer.
- Flexible schedules; we would definitely like to see you in person sometimes, but not at the cost of dragging you through a terrible commute time

Please contact us through AngelList! It's how we track our communications with prospective colleagues.


- Any and all portfolio links are helpful.
- Work history.
- Details of your specific work situation/requirements.

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What We're Building

Dramatically reduce your data preparation costs and free up your analysts to actually analyze with the Curator software platform. Curator lets you combine, build, and publish flexible, consistent datasets from disparate, inconsistent scraps of data. With reusable templates, global concept and data schemes, persistent filters, and super-flexible transformations, adding more data actually gets easier, faster, and more powerful--not the other way around.

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