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Innovative online education

We offer a complete learning experience to our customers, that can be online with classroom-based education, mobile learning and a mix of these three. Read More
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What We're Building

We offer a complete learning experience through E-learning Courses focused on:

- Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, etc.
- Information Technology: HTML5, PHP, Android, iOS, Python, Java, Big Data. Currently recruiting IT Trainers!
- Soft Skills: Leadership, Coaching, Team Management, Time Management, Recruitment, Human Resources.

The training materials are composed of videos, audio, multimedia, documents, test, exercises or simulations in the case of technical courses.

Students can access the LMS 24/7 for their studies and they have a private and individual tutor who accompanies them through the learning experience, teaches them and follows up their progression as students.

Online courses can be run in desktop, tablet or mobile.

We are currently developing our mobile app that will include new features for some courses and network effects.

We work for large multinational companies, SMEs, and startups. We are friends of our clients and are passionate about improving their skills, productivity and business results through our training solutions and learning experiences.
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