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You're awesome, we're looking for you. Eiya App is a place for ideas to collide and build off each other, a place where you can strengthen your understanding of what matters in the world. Make an impression. Be a part of a winning team. Maybe change the status quo. Instead of talking to a computer in a solitary environment, you’re participating in a thriving, evolving network. That’s good, because our team creates wonders when we come together. Eiya App, for instance. Read More
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What We're Building

Eiya App is an on-demand network of bike messengers that deliver things for people and businesses with ease, convenience and speed. Our mission is to reduce pollution while improving mobility and commerce in Mexico City.

According to consulting firm Euromonitor International, online shopping in Mexico represents just about 2% of the country’s roughly $203 billion annual retail sales. Online sales are to reach 10% within the next decade. Eiya is preparing for this growth by developing a smart logistics network and beautiful, clean-design apps for businesses and customers.

Seguimos trabajando en el nuevo app para mensajeros, que habilitará una experiencia completamente nueva. Seguimos trabajando en la infraestructura de Eiya.
EIYA Wallet offers a game-changing platform. We want to empower both small businesses and users to create a more inclusive and transparent economy. Allowing them to transact in ways never seen before thanks to our implementation of next-generation technologies.
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Open Positions


Alfonso Maytorena
Founder of Eiya. We believe in a transparent, cashless economy. Improving commerce in Mexico City
Carlos Eduardo Ortiz Gutierrez
Made in Morelia, Mexico
Daniel Alvarez
Self-taught UI/UX Designer, always looking to push my self and learn how to solve problems.
Jaime Eduardo Lopez Amaya
I am a full stack engineer with some experience working with big teams but most working almost by myself or with just one else and have developed some cool CRMs

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