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Backend Developer / Application Architect at eHealth Innovation

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Job Description

We are looking for a backend software developers with a passion for what they do, and an interest in health tech, apps, wearables, and improving healthcare.

The PHIT (Personal Health and Information Technology) team at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation is a group of biomedical engineers, computer scientists and hardware designers dedicated to developing technology innovations that connect patients with healthcare providers and improve their lives. As a part of University Health Network, we are a part of one of the most important medical research centres in North America. We have good results. In a randomized controlled trial, our applications have been shown to significantly improve heart failure outcomes in patients with Congestive Heart Failure. In another we've demonstrated a 10 point drop in blood pressure for hypertensive patients.

Our team is smart, ambitious and passionate, and our work is driven by the desire to improve patients lives. Being in a research environment, we are able to concentrate on this goal without being distracted by short term profit motives, or keeping investors happy. Every member of our tightly knit development team has full input into every stage of project architecture, design and implementation. We own our projects and build apps that have real, meaningful and measurable impact on sick people's lives.

We are currently looking for an intermediate to senior backend developer and application architect to help us build medical apps for our patients and our clinicians.

Our server stack supports a suite of native iOS and Android apps, as well as web based dashboards and management consoles. This stack is built using technologies such as:
* Java / JEE / JPA
* Spring
* RESTful Web Services + Swagger
* PostgreSQL Database
* HL7 FHIR for data modelling and exchange
* Docker for deployment

The ideal candidate would:
* Have experience with Java server technologies.
* Have experience planning, designing, and ultimately building multi-tier applications that span platforms.
* Know how to wrestle a SQL database into submission.
* Know enough about web technologies to make something neat (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.)
* Be comfortable straddling multiple projects. We build lots of apps, and aim to build a single unified backend for them.
* Be a big open source nerd. We use lots, and we create a fair bit too.
* Want to try every new technology they discover, and have trouble resisting that urge.
* Have a BSc/MSc in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience.

Some other stuff that would be cool too:
* Experience with various server stacks and languages (Ruby, Java, Python, Node, etc.)
* Experience in app development.
* Knowledge of the health system and building healthcare applications.
* An interest in UI/UX design.

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What We're Building

We build apps and mobile medical technologies for managing chronic conditions. You can learn about a few of our apps at the following websites:

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