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Growth Hacker at Effective

London, Greater London · Contract
Building a 5* team of hustlers fired up to impact the football industry & take on a chunk of the edutech market for sports & fitness. Read More
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We're looking for someone who can massively increase the conversion rate of our sales funnel.

You need to have proof of having worked with a client whose sales funnel needed improving but with your help they were able to increase their conversion rate.

About our business: We have a subscription online soccer training platform with more than 1200 customers, which allows players without access to great coaching/training, the ability to train like a professional and build their self-confidence.

So if you're into soccer/football as well, that would be ideal, especially for the copywriting.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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What We're Building

Effective is a mobile training platform allowing athletes to learn and practice as a professional would in a variety of sports.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your skills to the next level, drag-and-drop your training schedule, develop with a 4-week technique program or learn tactics and mental skills with from Chelsea and Fulham coaches.

Ignited by a passion for sports and the future of effective learning, Effective is on course (500+ paid subscribers) to take a chunk from the online learning eduTech industry worth 107B globally.

We’re starting with the beautiful game (football) and hiring to launch with teams, coaches and in additional sports.

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