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Interactive VR, Simplified.

We are changing the way Virtual Reality is created and consumed. We are looking for others to help us expand our vision and product offering!

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What We're Building

Interactive VR, simplified.

eevo is a cloud based toolset that makes the creation and distribution of interactive VR content possible for anyone.

Customers build engaging VR content, launch their own customized cross-platform VR applications, and leverage our unique technology centered around rendering, streaming, and analytics.

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eevo Team

Alejandro Dinsmore
Daniel Griffiths
Coo of @eevo. @Techstars NYC class of 2017. Previously worked at JP Morgan and studied business at Boston College.

eevo Investors

Alex Iskold
Managing Director, Techstars in NYC. 2x founder, now invest in amazing founders at Techstars. I blog a lot about startups and VC ==>
Jordan Hoffner
I am an SF based exec in digital media, Xoogler, NBCU, IAC and recently the CEO of Federated Media. I now run a digital media advisory and accelerator.

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