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Finally, WiFi that works.

WiFi is the new electricity. Outside the smartphone, it’s the technology we depend on the most. The foundation for the modern home. It makes our favorite experiences come to life: Netflix, Spotify, FaceTime when Dad’s away. Read More

What We're Building

eero is the world’s first WiFi system. A set of three eeros covers the typical home. They work in unison to deliver hyper-fast, super-stable WiFi to every nook of every room. Stream video or email friends from anywhere in your home. And from your backyard, too.

Jobs at eero

eero Team

Nick Weaver
Co-Founder & CEO of eero
Amos Schallich
Co-Founder of eero
Nate Hardison
Co-Founder of eero
Scott Raymond
Supply Chain @eero, Sales Ops @Apple , Supply Chain @Apple, Product Development @Finelite , co-Founder @Barefoot MBA, MBA @Stanford GSB, @Trinity,
Austin Lin
Product @eero • Previously, @Twitter @Microsoft • Studied CS and Design at @Cornell
Ryan Thompson
Software Engineering at eero. Previously Director of Software at Quanergy. Passionate about transportation, energy, and connectivity.
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eero Investors

Garry Tan
Managing Partner, Initialized Capital. Previously Partner at Y Combinator, funded/advised 600 startups. Cofounder @Posterous (Acq by @Twitter).
Alexis Ohanian
Co-founder @Reddit. General Partner @Initialized Capital. Bestselling author. Making the world suck less. ⬆️
Nick Adams
Entrepreneur, Lean VC, Managing Director @ AMECloudVC (@Jerry Yang's firm). Founder @Evoleas, @EnTrip • Studied at @Imperial College London. Experience in India & China. Fluent Mandarin Chinese.
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