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Welcome to the Connected Garden

Edyn is changing the world of agriculture and gardening. We seek passionate and exceptional engineers to join our world class team.

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What We're Building

The Edyn smart garden system lets you know what’s happening in your garden at all times. Whether you’re a novice gardener or managing a small-scale organic farm, Edyn is there to take the guesswork out of gardening. Inserted in the soil, the Edyn Garden Sensor gathers and analyzes data about changing weather and soil conditions. The Edyn App displays this data as a real-time snapshot of your garden, and pushes alerts and suggestions to maximize plant health. A separate component, the Edyn Water Valve, uses the data collected by the sensor to smartly control your existing watering system, watering your plants only when needed. With advanced tracking technology and intuitive design, the Edyn smart garden system keeps you connected to your garden or farm so you can grow healthier plants.

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Edyn Team

Jason Aramburu
VC at Baidu Ventures. Founder @Edyn. Forbes 30 under 30. Ashoka Fellow. Echoing Green Fellow. Gates Foundation Grantee. Studied Ecology @Princeton University
Morgan M. Williams
Academic in industry. UC Berkeley Pedologist at the intersection of soils and society. History of bringing ideas out of the lab and into the world.
Dustin Franco
Cornell Electrical and Computer Engineer. Experience in firmware development, manufacturing and hardware testing.
Bobo Diallo
IT Entrepreneur, co-founder of Guru Software, Mobile Apps consultant and Big Data enthusiast. I'm soo sociable.

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Edyn Investors

Ron Sachs
Private Investor.
Brent Traidman
Chief Revenue Officer at BRD - Ex-Vista Equity Partners ( Cvent/Lanyon, Active Network), Advising FenoxVC in early stage growth companies
Gianni Martire
Cofounder @Next Caller. YC Alum. Angel Investor @Zenefits, @Flexport, @Checkr, @Mighty @AirHelp, @Ginkgo Bioworks, @Apptimize, Advisor @CourseHorse
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