Senior React Native Developer at EduLift

Oxford, London, Remote · Full Time

Job Description

EduLift is a fun, fast-growing startup that is empowering language self-learners with an interactive curriculum and personal study coaching.

We were co-founded by Oxford and Harvard graduates, and have bootstrapped to a team of eight working on, our 21st century textbook.

We have now set out to work on Fluent Panda, our ambitious new app which will make you fluent in any context. This is where you come in.

If you’re passionate about language education and eager to make an impact in a small and friendly team, then you’ll enjoy working with us.

Job title: Senior Developer (JavaScript)
Location: Remote. Work from anywhere, however you like.

Core responsibilities:
- Work closely with our talented in-house developer on the new Fluent Panda app
- Assure a polished UI and amazing user experience (mockups:

How we work
- We are a 100% remote team. The co-founders are based in Japan and Hong Kong. We’re a UK company, and spend as much time as we need to in London. - We celebrate diversity—only one team member is a native English speaker.
- We don’t track working hours, time off (but we require you take at least 14 days off a year), nor your daily task list, but rather give you the room to flourish.

- Ability to communicate well in written English
- Expert knowledge of JavaScript
- Extensive experience with the React Native framework
- Experience with the Meteor framework is a plus

The candidate we’ll choose will:
- Have a genuine interest in the power of digital and online learning
- Have proven experience of time management and team communication

The easiest way to impress us at the interview is:
- Show us something amazing you’ve done
- Tell us what you’re currently learning, and how you’re learning it

What We're Building

Language learners give up when they lose clarity. We make sure that never happens.

LinguaLift, our 21st century textbook, provides guidance to thousands of busy language learners. The course is structured so that you always know what to do next. The lessons read like messages from your favourite teacher.

Fluent Panda, our 21st century phrasebook, will make you fluent in any context. Whether you’re an illiterate adult deciphering a nutritional label, an expat applying for a driver’s licence, or a tourist connecting to a WiFi hotspot.

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Philip Seifi
Nomad entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO of @EduLift
Ollie Capehorn
After studying intellectual property law in three countries and in three languages, I'm now disrupting the language learning industry at
Marta Krzeminska
Content Editor & Social Media Manager, Oxford Graduate, Language Enthusiast, Creative Self-Educator, Adventure Seeker