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Turning companies into brands with powerful stories.

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What We're Building

At Edgar we help companies build up their brands and win their customers with powerful stories. We’re hacking the advertising industry so it would finally work for the little guy.

We connect brands to the best creatives (writers, illustrators, photographers) through the StoryMarket, where they create great stories. Together.

80% of the process is automated, while 20% remains in the hands of a dedicated creative director. To ensure top quality and timely delivery. Edgar delivers the quality of an add agency but is more transparent, faster and more affordable. Compared to the competition, we care about the whole story, not a single piece of content.

With Edgar, brands get their advertising partner which handles project management, content strategy and assembles the rockstar team to create and distribute the stories. Armed with their stories, brands present, promote, sell and engage with an impact.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Damjan Obal
UX guy with a PhD. Founder @Edgar @blok_blok, @Trainer JIM • Worked at @DDB Worldwide Communications Group
Maruša Novak
Founder @blok_blok, @Edgar • Worked at @Challenge:Future I'm the girl visualizing stuff, making sense of data and helping people make sense of the world.
Igor Pernek
PhD, Founder @Trainer JIM
Simon Sovič
Storyteller @Edgar
Žiga Barber
I conceptualize and design products. UX/UI professional. Fan of great design & experience of all kinds.

Our Investors

Daniel Tomov
Founding Partner @ eleven Accelerator VC Fund, involved in early stage investments in SEE as investor, founder, mentor for the last 12 years
Dilyan Dimitrov
Founder of Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund, formerly VP of Bedminster Capital Management, a US$320 mio private equity fund focused on CEE.