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Restaurant Staffing Made Simple

We're a fast growing company whose mission is to make the hiring process for the hospitality industry more efficient. Our culture is agile, collaborative, and fast-paced. If you want to make an impact on how million of people find jobs, we want to meet you.

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What We're Building

Easy Pairings helps restaurants find staff faster and easier.

The hospitality industry has an 80% turnover rate. Most restaurants are constantly hiring, and with current methods it takes managers an average of 11 hours of work just to fill one opening. With One-Click Hiring, Easy Pairings lets managers skip straight to the important part: interviewing the right candidates.

Restaurants create a profile with their staffing requirements. With one click, they notify us of an opening. We automatically filter through our community of active job seekers, select candidates based on their work experience and skill sets, and schedule interviews according to availability.

The final product: a Shortlist of the best matched candidates, ready to interview.
The end result: an opening filled in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

Generating revenue and serving clients across all segments from fine dining to casual dining and quick serve establishments as well.

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Easy Pairings Team

Darren Wan
Strong business background. Proven business operator. Chicago Booth MBA 2002. CMU 1996.

Easy Pairings Investors

Greg Schroy
Co-founder of nTopology Inc. Manager of Locke Mountain Ventures and an Avid skier
Gautam Gandhi
New Business Development India at @Google
Etienne Ramos-Esteban
Founder, Managing Partner @FifeTechnologies, previously @JPMorgan. Investor @Consignd (ERA W'13), @Qnary, @Mealku, @Stylyt, @Easy Pairings

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