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We invented Office Mail Automation

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What We're Building

Earth Class Mail makes businesses run better by equipping them with a hyper-efficient Virtual Mailroom and Virtual Address. Kiss the pain and drudgery of dealing with physical mail goodbye. Say hello to hours more time to move your business forward, instead of opening mail, going to the bank to deposit checks, and keying in invoices into your accounting system. Take a step into the new world and digitize your physical mail.

We offer companies:
* Prestigious Virtual Business Addresses
* Virtual Mailroom
* Integration with Google Drive/Dropbox/
* Auto check deposit
* Integration into accounting systems via
* Mail Scanning/Forwarding

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Earth Class Mail Team

Zach Behrman
A multi-faceted sales leader with experience in start-up environments. Successful in building strategic initiatives for B2B sales and SaaS customer retention.
Daniel Finkle
I worked for a startup called Earth Class Mail for almost 10 years. I am a graduate from George Fox University with a Bachelor's in Project Management.
Joseph La Sac
Content Creator @Evolve Labs.Love • Former Writer & Process Innovator @Operator-Inc • & Customer Experience Specialist @EarthClassMail
Carrie Lewis
Worked at Scaleworks

Earth Class Mail Investors

Lew Moorman
Building SaaS companies @Scaleworks. Growing a city at @SATechBloc. Former Racker.
Ryan Scott
CEO and founder of @CAUSECAST employee volunteering and giving SaaS HCM tool. Co-created the opt-in email marketing industry. @NetCreations.
Russell Cook
SVP Operations @Postmates, Founder & CEO @AllTrails, CTO @BeRecruited, Microsoft
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