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We believe transactional email matters, a lot. And we're working hard to help marketers make it awesome. As a growing team we work hard to make sure our customers love us. Read More
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What We're Building

Dyspatch by Sendwithus is a powerful communications platform built around advanced email content management. Our platform simplifies transactional email creation with a robust API, an easy to use editor, and built-in device testing, allowing for truly collaborative email strategy and execution.

A centralized hub for email creation, approval, and publishing, our cloud-based solution empowers Product, Marketing, CRM, and Loyalty teams to efficiently build and test meaningful, dynamic communications without involving developers or deploying code. And with built-in support for 300+ locales, your teams can seamlessly manage localized content for global communications.

Easily connect your cloud email provider or customize your integration to connect to your digital messaging service. Upload your existing templates in minutes. And from there, you’re well on your way to optimizing every email you send.

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Jobs at Dyspatch

Dyspatch Team

Matt Harris
hacker, founder, climber
Brad Van Vugt
co-founder @ sendwithus, YC W14
Colin Walker
Team Lead at Dyspatch
Noah Warder
Director of Operations at Dyspatch by Sendwithus. Operations/HR Consultant.
Alex Mohr
He can juggle knives
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What makes sendwithus a unique place to work at?
Sendwithus is a unique place to work in Victoria BC because of our team and product. We are solving complicated and difficult problems that require collaboration and teamwork. Our team is involved when it comes to creating a roadmap and deciding which features and products are implemented and created. Transparency around finances and decision processes are available to the whole team and talked about on a weekly basis.
Noah Warder
Director of Operations at Dyspatch since 2017
What is your office environment like?
Our office is in a shared space in downtown Victoria BC. Bright and open, we have an easily collaborative space that promotes team members discussing problems and working together when needed. But that doesn't mean that you can't just throw our headphones on and put your head down to get it done. We are serious about creating an amazing product and making our customers more excited about emails and better at sending emails. Everything we do has integrity and purpose. That doesn't mean we don't have fun, two annual retreats that change every year. Went to Whistler and San Francisco last year, who know what next year will bring. Quarterly team outings, office lunches, snacks, and all the coffee you can drink.
Noah Warder
Director of Operations at Dyspatch since 2017

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