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We are a Enthusiast Game Developers that decided to go On Line Gaming.

Video movie is the breakthrough of Video Games, The game that we almost finished changing it to Multiplayer is near here.

We decided to change a bit the game tactics, We introduced new weapons and features to the game itself, added multiplayer content, and now before the release we look for investors.

The Product is A on Line team based Game, that have unique features that are the chosen ones of a 30000 list of things that on line games must have.

To ask for a consideration at this opportunity, and would like to talk more with you.

Project stage : Final development stage, Looking for major investor.

contact person : Cotiga Andrei contact email

Product is almost in finish stage, I only lack a finance for a server hardware. I plan to release a on line video game on the market. There are about 4 million users on a community that wait a release of my game, analytical speaking a game copy cost around 15 $ and at a 4 mil users there will be a nice income in the release stage of the game, I expect at least half of that users to buy a copy of the game in the 1st hour of the release and the other half in a 3 month period that comes.

I would like to ask for a think if you want to support such of investment.

I grant revenue share of profit for every copy sold.
I expect a 5% to 20% profit share.

I require funding for : Hardware buy.

We can negotiate income share.

on line games require good equipment listed below:

-Web server

-Web download content server ( from where users download the game itself)

-Database server

-Game Login and World server

The entire sum rises to a 60 000 Euro. Seeing the 2 mil granted for the 60 000 Euro Sum) equaling the total of a release sale ( maximum 1 month duration ) : 3-6 Mil income.

The exampled : 6 mil is granted with tax payed and free of additional charges. The taxes are payed on our company level.

The game itself is a pay to play game, requires a initial Fee and additional we have in game Cosmetic market, that is driven by real money transaction for electronic money. The cosmetic market allows users to buy "player" look items, special designed for fancy players.

Totaling a initial Fee and a continuous procurement of in game items, I expect a total income of 10 Mil (20%) instead of the 6 mil.

Is there any way that I can get your support.
Thank you for your time.

Realistic is that to start a game release it cost, if you don't have that initial money boost and it is to hard. Realistic again we can bring a total income of at least 350 000 Euro at a 35% rate in time, this expectations are after 6 months after release date. Summing and presenting that a batch of 1000 Euro invested can bring a 1% from the total earning is something, especial when the game industry is a profitable one.

Realist again, 2000 initial Euro investment sum can bring you back over 1 year time a sum of 100 000 Euro. Awesome business deal and attend.

We are 23 Game developers that want to spend they'r time in Development of a On Line game, but we have jobs, so found "instead of job", will act as " help for us, so we can pause our jobs, or even quit them and focus on the Game build and maintain. The fund is used to buy hardware equipment and pay a minimal amount to us in order to live the development stage, we will also have to provide to our self at a rate of 10 times less salary because we need to live that 3 month period. A Game developer typical earn 6500 Euro in hand per month, a regular person live with 300 Euro, and the money are for food and other house bills as well as the bill of power.

Our workstations can have at workload got per month electric bill up to 1000 euro. So we are trapped with our regular jobs, because it cost to develop the game, but we consume, and spend about 8 hours a day on other jobs and it is hard to work at least another 2 month period. If we can get as low as 40 000 we can live the game in about 3 month period. We can also pause our actual jobs.

We already invested about 400 000 Euros from our own.

Decision is to add a revenue share profit for investors in order to to finish the game

(ask me The finish of the Development is at 95% finished, but our jobs don't let us finish it because of the long period of time at work.


We are about 3 months from the finish of the game, please help us! , we will reward you a monthly income when the game have a income at a % as a revenue share gratitude of help. Please contact at

We offer a small revenue share for every euro or dollar invested.

Hardware are 40 000 Euro... once again there are already 400 000$ invested not counting to revenue.

Moto : Even 1 Euro invested can be in the future 100Euro/month.


Enthusiasm and profesionalism
Andrei Cotiga
Software Engineer
Vice President of Non Profit Organization, Leader of Game Development.
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