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Gamifying the $46 Billion Employee Incentives and Motivation Market

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What We're Building

DueProps fosters continual positive reinforcement to encourage good employee behavior via recognition and fair apportioning of bonus pools. Crucially, our game elements encourage high employee engagement and enthusiasm levels over time.

Managers get unprecedented visibility into daily performance of their workgroups. Easily integrated (via APIs) with other operational systems to provide visibility into performance as well as automated rewards based on desirable behaviors and company metrics.

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Obie Fernandez
Former CTO of @Andela. Former CTO of @Javelin. Founder/CEO of @Hashrocket (sold); Author of "The Rails Way" and "Lean Enterprise" 20+ years software experience
Sean Claire
12 Years of Enterprise Sales Experience
desi ,
I'm a hugger. I live a charmed life. I help run @devchix. I write ruby for a living. What more can a girl ask for?
Justin Winslow
Designer/Illustrator at @DueProps
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Our Investors

Demian Bellumio
COO of @Senzari, Founder of @HackDay Foundation, President Aunken Ventures, Founding Shareholder @BroadSpan Capital.
Jonathan Siegel
At times deeply engaged at RightCart, RightScale, RightSignature, Exceptional, Airbrake, and RedisToGo. Now advise, invest and operate at Xenon Ventures.
Juan Pablo Cappello
Juan Pablo is the founder of the Private Advising Group, law firm. JpC was recently selected a "Top 50 Entrepreneur" by Business Leader Magazine.

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