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Watch the things you love with Dropcam wi-fi video cameras.

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What We're Building

Dropcam is revolutionizing the way people stay connected to the places they care about. With the Dropcam and Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi video monitoring cameras and optional Cloud Recording (CVR) service, you can remotely drop in on your house, baby, pets, business or anything else from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Bryan Kennedy
Product @ Nest. Founded Sincerely, AppNinjas, Likebetter. YC Alum 2006.
Yujun Wu
Stanford master student. Founder of Muse Me Inc. Strong background in design and programming
Jose Guardado
Talent Partner @Andreessen Horowitz . Former Head of Talent @Dropcam @Edmodo @Nebula. Built teams for Nest, Google (3X!) and Cisco.
Eric Hallquist
Startup support executive

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