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I have experience founding and selling technology companies on both coasts. My co-founders Sean, Isaac and I sold Socialize to ShareThis in 2013 ( ) in Silicon Valley, and we sold app consulting firm PointAbout in Washington DC in 2010. I've banded together with a group of passionate technologists, including Sue Ko, the product manager for and Andrew Dumas, the VP Sales for ShareThis, to create a syndicate that identifies and invests in promising startups that we believe are positioned for large exits. Our focus is on deeply understanding the founding teams at startups, and investing in businesses we understand well. We know that a stellar team can create massive value and ROI for investors. We're accepting a limited number of backers for our syndicate. Our goal is to invest $50k chunks about 4 times per year. The minimum to participate is $2,500 per deal, which means you'd need to reserve $10,000 per year as a part of this syndicate (or as much as you'd like). If you have questions before you apply to join us, post them as comments here: . If you're ready to apply, hit the 'Back Daniel' button above and I'll contact you.
I plan on syndicating all of the deals I invest in, so by becoming a part of my syndicate, you can invest alongside me!
Daniel R. Odio
CEO at @Armory: Trust Your Deployments. Founder + exits @Socialize, @AppMakr, @PointAbout • Worked at @ShareThis, @GE
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Sean Shadmand
Founded Socialize, AppMakr, PointAbout and FamilyOven in both San Francisco and Washington D.C., all of which have been acquired and are still live today.
Frank LLosa Esq
CEO of 3 start ups taken from $1k to $1M+. Sold one to Pre-IPO co. Innovator of the Year 09. @University of Virginia Biz Undergrad, Attorney in NJ.
Doug Scott
Over 180 backers. Click to see why:) UK - GLOBAL - Go on click:):)
Bruno Werneck
Corporate Strategy and Development at Plaid
Mark Pui
Management consulting and corporate finance experience in Asia. Passionate about working with owners to grow businesses. Early investor in blockchain space.
Can help with
“Where startups would be keen to expand into Asian markets for business (or raise capital out of Asia), I would be happy to assist.”
Ashish Bhatia
Software Engineer
- Technical Advisor @Joveo - Worked at @WhatsApp - Worked at @Google - Investor - @Authy, @CirroSecure, @IntelliVision, @Minjar, @MakeLeaps
Isaac Mosquera
Lets build something amazing together.
Victor Young
@UWaterloo Alum. CPO @Take 44 ,CEO & Founder @Flinja. General Partner @X Fund, Built largest insurance eApp and CRM, hired over 500 people, Grew ARR to 50M
Daniel is an amazingly inspiring leader and strategic thinker who's ability to approach problems with both a unique and unrestrained enthusiasm puts him in a rare category of individuals who engender loyalty, dedication and motivation in equal amounts.
Daniel has an infectious personality, where he shows his excitement as he discovers and explains anything. He is a prolific communicator as seen by his web presence. More distinctively, he is an excellent people's person where I experienced first hand working with him as part of the CRV...more
Absolutely. A top notch founder with tons of drive and integrity.
Daniel is very smart entrepreneur and trusted advisor.
i was one of the earliest investors in Daniel's previous company and had the opportunity to watch Daniel grow and scale a successful startup. He is a savvy marketer and can execute upon a vision. I'd recommend him as a founder and as an investor. He knows the startup game.
Daniel polished his startup craft in the DC area and then moved to CA to refine his skills and grow his company. With the sale of two companies behind him, it is easy to envision the successful ventures that will surely come next...
Daniel is a brilliant visionary entrepreneur, a powerful force behind the multi-million-users @Socialize and now one of the key drivers of the @ShareThis juggernaut. And a wonderful guy to deal with too.
Daniel is awesome -- he is a great communicator, strategic thinker, and doer. I also appreciate his willingness to spend time helping and educating others. He's got a relentless curiosity that I find refreshing. Daniel is a joy to work with and I'm glad I have the opportunity to do so
Daniel is a proven, tenacious entrepreneur with a knack for getting things done. He knows how to navigate the startup ecosystem and has multiple successful exits under his belt. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does next.
Absolutely. He's a gregarious blogger and true, self-described life hacker. After only a couple of years in San Francisco, he's like a Bay Area lifer when it comes to his connections with and interest in the startup community there.
Daniel is an incisive thinker and questioner, pushing...more
I really admire Daniel's energy, intellect, and the ability to focus on the most important objectives in any initiative. To me, he combines the best of structure & process of large organization with the need to be agile and decisive in entrepreneurial startups. Daniel is very organized,...more
Daniel is selfless, fierce, kind, and honest. He's quick at making good decisions and great at executing on them. He mitigates any and all friction. He's a great person to work with.
I've watched Daniel work closely. Two things stick out. First, he is exception at seeing opportunity. If you look at Socialize closely, you'll see three or four stages from agency to acquired, product-driven company, each one recognizing a larger opportunity, and stepping up to capture...more
I would highly recommend Daniel! He is a metrics driven, lifehacking entrepreneur, who gives back to the community. I've known Daniel for several years now, and he's always taken time out for me.
Daniel is amazing strategic thinker but also equally good at executing on that strategy. He's an optimistic person who thinks the impossible is always possible which is one of the reason it's so inspiring to work with him. He was a previous co-founder with me and there is no better...more
Daniel is a fantastic employer, a better mentor and the rare executive who deeply understands shifting consumer behavior and how to leverage technology to build successful businesses.

Working for Daniel was rewarding and inspiring because of his ability to clearly articulate a larger vision and...more
Smart go-getter, when you want to get something done, you give it to Daniel, he gets it done.
Daniel's energy to do the necessary work and move mountains is rare, he has great combination of insight, persistence and conviction that makes him a natural leader
I have personally seen couches get destroyed from Daniel working crazy endless hours when he is passionate about something.
He can see opportunities, and has ability, and and the follow through to complete his missions.
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