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drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
drchrono Jobs : Screenshot
Daniel Kivatinos
Entrepreneur, COO and cofounder of @drchrono.
Michael Nusimow
I'm the CEO and co-founder of drchrono!

drchrono was voted the #1 Mobile EHR for 2013 by Blackbook Rankings. They surveyed over 16,000 physicians and drchrono won in 10 out of 16 categories that are tracked.

See the full Blackbook report here:

drchrono is a free Meaningful Use Certified iPad EHR that offers paid upgrades to take over a Doctor's medical billing and Revenue Cycle Management.

We use our award wining native iPad EHR and our cloud based medical billing platform to help office based Doctors comply with the U.S. government's Electronic Medical Records mandate (the HiTech act.)

Our product is designed for office based private practice healthcare providers. We don't sell to hospitals or larger healthcare systems, we are laser focused on making private practice doctors in small and large practices succeed with EHR and getting paid more on their medical billing.

Get access to our API here, build something amazing -

Why Us?

Ever wonder what it was like to work at Apple, Google or Facebook when there were just twenty people at the company? Imagine building a company that sparked a movement. That's the kind of opportunity we're offering you at drchrono.

We don't check angel list often, the best way to get us is through our website. Join us here -

Mountain View
51-200 employees
$2.8M Last Round in 2012
$650k Seed in 2011
$675k Seed in 2011
Seed in 2011 (Unknown Amount)
Medical, iPhone, iPad, Mobile Health

drchrono Jobs

Graphic Designer
$50K – $90K Salary
0.1% – 2.0% Equity
Full Time · Mountain View
Software Engineer - Front & Backend
$60K – $90K Salary
0.1% – 0.5% Equity
Full Time · Mountain View
mobile developer
Software Engineer - iOS
$60K – $90K Salary
0.1% – 1.0% Equity
Full Time · Mountain View
Sales Development Rock Star
$42K – $100K Salary
0.001% – 0.001% Equity
Full Time · Mountain View
EHR / EMR Support Implementation Specialist
$40K – $60K Salary
0.0% – 0.1% Equity
Full Time · Mountain View
Distribution / Growth Hacking Lead
$40K – $90K Salary
0.001% – 0.1% Equity
Full Time · Mountain View


Joe O'Connor
Joe O'Connor
• Business advisor • works @Rifiniti • worked @Cisco • Member Angel Investor Forum
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