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SaaS-powered marketing management solution

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What We're Building

DOZ is a SaaS-powered marketing management solution connecting clients with a curated marketplace of marketing experts worldwide.

Clients can plan and manage their marketing campaigns, control their workflows, and assign marketing tasks to their own teams of any number of DOZ's vetted marketers.

DOZ's network of marketing professionals are automatically identified and qualified for marketing tasks based on a proprietary algorithm that assesses their location, industry knowledge, skills, experience, and existing social proof.

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Founder @DOZ Idealist. Dreamer. Optimistic.
Founder & CTO of @DOZ Founder of Founder of (Sold)
Diana Sandoval
Product Manager, Marketing, Operations, Results-driven, Fluent Spanish, UC Berkeley 
Dylan Kissane
Director of Marketing @thecosmocompany  • Formerly at @CEFAM and @DOZ • PhD from University of South Australia
Konrad C.
Full Stack Webdesigner Front/UI/UX at @DOZ. Worked at @Netissime @HighRankingMedia
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What makes DOZ a unique place to work at?
DOZ lives and breathes the startup environment. Management is completely flat, and the co-founders work at the same plain desks that everyone else does. Got a problem? Someone on the team will chip in to provide a solution. Got an idea? Pitch it to the team and no matter whether you are an MBA or an intern in your first week on the job, you'll get a hearing - and if it's a good idea, it'll get implemented. Quality counts, results count, and hacking a solution today is so much better than a three-month committee-led investigation. At DOZ, we move fast because the marketing industry isn't going to revolutionize itself.
Dylan Kissane
Content Manager at DOZ since 2015
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
Right now we are looking to expand our team with three new hires. We're looking for a Full Stack Developer. Why? We can't reveal all the details about it here but count on contributing to some amazing enterprise-level software solutions. We're also looking for a Senior Account Executive and a Sales Executive. Why? Because we're growing - and fast. Note that there are west coast and east coast positions available. We were born in France, grew in San Francisco, but we're gonna be a part of it in ol' New York, too.
Dylan Kissane
Content Manager at DOZ since 2015
What is your office environment like?
DOZ offers employees a fun but driven work environment where every employee can commit to extraordinary goals and celebrate with their fellow team members when those goals are met, and then surpassed. The DOZ team is very diverse: in our team of 20 we speak nine different languages fluently (French, English, German, Polish, Flemish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese) and have nine different nationalities (French, Portuguese, Moroccan, Vietnamese, Australian, Irish, Belgian, Polish, and American). If you like working in an international environment, DOZ could be the perfect place for you! Whether working in DOZ's San Francisco, California office or in its Western European HQ in Lyon, France, the drive to succeed and to revolutionize the way marketing is done on a global scale is the same.
Dylan Kissane
Content Manager at DOZ since 2015

Our Investors

Mike Walsh
General Partner, Structure. investors in Uber, SurfAir, Boatbound, Pogoseat, Breather, +70 more. founded and sold companies. Under-utilized assets and capacity.
Jeremie Berrebi
Magical Capital CEO Late stage Investor (50M-$500M range) Serial Entrepreneur - 300+ Investments - 27 countries Co-founder at Kima Ventures (left May 2015)
Jishnu Bhattacharjee
MD at Nexus Venture Partners
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