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More stories, less ads.

We believe that every brand in the world will utilize the power of social influencers. Dovetale will be a critical tool in their marketing stack. Our team is building with close guidance from industry leaders and investors that have built industry changing businesses such as Uber and Foursquare.

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What We're Building

Dovetale is a data focused influencer platform for brands looking to grow on social media. With more informative data you can discover online trends, save time and build relationships with people that can drive results. Dovetale is valued by customers as large as Target and for small merchants running Shopify stores.

We are proud to be backed by Expa Capital, the founders of Uber and Foursquare.

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Dovetale Team

Navied Shoushtarian
Co-Founder & CTO @Dovetale. Previously Founded and sold @Listn to @Beatport
Mike Schmidt
Built and sold @Listn to @Beatport . Now building @Dovetale with @Expa. Trying to make ads not feel like ads.
Chris Barnes
Software Engineer @ Dovetale
Matt Schmidt
PM @Dovetale. Entrepreneur in training...

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