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What We're Building

DotAlign is a Manhattan-based startup that provides software which delivers productivity and relationship insights. Our software automatically extracts intelligence from structured and unstructured data sources like email, calendar, contacts, LinkedIn, and CRM and answers questions such as which colleague can best provide a given introduction, which important contacts and companies you’re falling out of touch with, who hasn’t replied to your email request, and more.

At the heart of DotAlign is a unique platform to provide Collaborative Relationship Intelligence inside secure corporate environments. The platform performs a deep analysis of content and provides advanced entity management capabilities. It surfaces relationship intelligence about people and companies and provides collaboration, including behind the firewall.

And then there are the apps!

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Open Positions


Jaspreet Bakshi
Founder & CTO @ DotAlign
Vince Scafaria, CFA
Founder of DotAlign. Built and led sale of @DealMaven (to @FactSet). Previously in private equity at @DLJ. BS University of Pennsylvania, @Wharton School School '95.
Kenneth Dreyer
Founder DotAlign
Josh Quintus
Full stack generalist

Our Investors

Chris Morin
Investor and Advisor, Vanitas Capital Ventures

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