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DoSelect, a platform that is deployed by learning and recruitment teams at technology organizations to drive resource planning, hiring and learning decisions, was in a discovery mode. Read More

What We're Building

The core USP of DoSelect is complete technology independence - a recruiter can test on ANY technology without having to set up anything. They just need to define the problem description, select the frameworks / languages / OS that the candidates can use to answer the questions, and that's it! The candidates get a completely isolated cloud IDE with root access to solve the problems, so the recruiters have so much flexibility about what and how they want to assess a candidate. After the candidate is done, the solution code and the live preview (if possible) can be viewed in the browser itself!

Previously, this entire process used to be manual - recruiters used to ask questions over email / chat, the candidates used to solve the problems and send the code back to the recruiters, the recruiters needed to download the code, run the live preview and give back the reviews. The more number of recruiters involved, the bigger the pain. With DoSelect, nobody needs to download anything ever!

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Jobs at DoSelect

DoSelect Team

Sanket Saurav
Co-founder, DoSelect, Inc.
Rohit Tirkey
Co-founded @DoSelect
Harshita Kumbhar
Making B2B marketing more human, one content piece at a time. Future "cool" bar owner and education game-changing wizard.
Nimisha Saikia
Visual Designer at DoSelect, formerly a graphic designer at 2Adpro Media Solutions, HasGeek and Milaap.
Mohammed Rafy
Founded YesDeals and Alfabeta as a part time projects while studying engineering.
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DoSelect Investors

Singapore Angel Network Pte. Ltd
SGAN (Singapore Angel Network Pte. Ltd) is the angel investment arm of the multi-billion dollar Thakral Group of Companies, Singapore.
Pranav Pai
Engineer, Partner @3one4 Capital , @Stanford University '13, Bangalorean. if(isMember(me, majority) == 1) reflect(onLife, pause);
Mohit Saxena
Co-Founded Inmobi, Early member at Virgin Mobile USA, Entrepreneur and Technologist with relentless craving for innovation.
Anurag Ramdasan
all things internet. Investor @3one4 Capital

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