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Driving better clinical decisions that are informed by patient data and best practices.

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What We're Building

Dorsata enables healthcare providers to make better decisions that are informed by data and best practices. The company provides teams of clinicians tools to build, share, and then use defined workflows, called care pathways, for efficient decision-making, documentation, and order entry. Leveraging these clinician-developed care pathways, Dorsata is committed to transforming healthcare from a cost-reduction and quality improvement standpoint.

We are developing a system through which clinicians can collaboratively develop, discover, and implement their pathways into their day-to-day workflow of order entry.  In this manner, we believe we can bridge the gap between how doctors make clinical decisions and how those decisions map to structured data in the medical record.  It is our mission to transform clinical decision support from a reference to a work-flow improvement mechanism. 

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David Fairbrothers
Co-Founder & CEO, @Dorsata > Wahoo '07 @University of Virginia > Avid @Green Bay Packers Fan
Upal Saha
@University of Virginia Echols Scholar studying CS. Operations Manager @HackCville. Previously an intern at @Dorsata, @Anthos Capital, and @Yext .

Our Investors

Peter Hotz
5 Cap Ventures Leading Digital Health Mentor & Investor

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